made it half way!

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    sooo we made it to chicago, it's not so late here yet it's late there.....

    difficult child is flipping out as we speak lol.

    flight ok i missed the first one out this a.m. we drove all the way to airport an hr and a half. was 15 min late and they wouldn't let us check in. so we had to pay another 200 and rebook a 6:30 flight out. so husband took day off from work was awesome. we went back home took nap, we had lunch than he drove us back before work at night.

    airport as soon as we hit it difficult child started to loose it. i had to give her seroquel. had wheelchair to get to gate. delta was awesome, they saw difficult child and put us sitting with-crew because there were no seats around. we met pilot crew etc. i had alot of fun hanging with them and talking, difficult child fell asleep on me for a bit.

    wound up they weren't my crew...... lol they were headed to washington. sooo their like ok its' your flight i said goodbye to all of them. we actually flew in a puddle jumper a tiny little plane i mean tiny about 40 ppl on it. we had to walk on the run way lol to get on it.

    we sat on runway for two hours plane was frozen so we tried to take off yet they didn't get cleared had to head back to gate and get de iced. so it wound up being a almost 5 hour flight for us. she had a little bit of a hard time on flight i loved it was super calm the entire time.

    i was amazing truly and shocked i wasn't nervous at all handled it all super well was kinda proud of me lol. like a normal grown up not the anxious wanna choke everyone woman i've been :)

    anyhow that's that figured i'd update. at hotel now, bag broke on way here lol, no room service they had a little store so got difficult child soup broth and me some crazy frozen dinner. alot better than driving.

    tmrw will be brunt of trip 5 hour flight with-whatever delays we have. husband is heading out on monday to rent a car for me and also just to be there.

    k gotta go beat difficult child now JUST KIDDING.......

    hope all are well here.......

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    Lost my reply. Way to go, it is also a relief to actually be in motion and doing something that promises to work. I bet the flight tomorrow will be good, you will have a movie, maybe that will be a distraction. I think if difficult child sees you being calm and resolute perhaps she will keep it together at least enough. Deep inside she's got to be worried too about herself.
    sounds like husband is stepping up to the plate.

    good luck. let us know when you get to Oregon. Which I learned the hard way being from the east coast is pronounced more like Or-e-gun!
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    Good to hear from you Jena. Also looking forward to hearing from you once you get there and get settled in.
  4. Jena

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    hey, yea i'll be grateful once i'm there. it's very uncomfortable flying with-a sick kid. she's super pale zero energy. fell asleep last night at 1 and didnt' wake up today till 11. i'm just keeping my fingers crosssed this flight goes smoothly and easily and she isnt' a wreck like she was on yesterday's. i dont' even wanna do whole evaluation tmrw. i just want them to put feeding tube in and end this at least nutrionally.
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    You are a true Warrior Mom. We are all proud of you! DDD