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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Dec 24, 2011.

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    Usually for Christmas Eve we have dinner at my house, but since I'm cooking for Christmas day I said that I would not do both. Someone else could do it this year. mother in law said that she would cook for it, but sister in law insisted that we should go out for dinner. Of course, my kids loved the idea, but I had my reservations. Christmas Eve is a big night for people to eat out, restaurants get crowded, sometimes there are long waits. It just seemed like it was not a good mix for a difficult child child. But, everyone jumped on sister in law's bandwagon, so I said fine, we'll go out for dinner, but I told her that we had to go to a place that was taking reservations and we had to go early, and by early I meant I wanted to have a reservation no later than 5:00 pm. I knew that my kids would get hungry and I could not risk having to wait for an hour for a table with difficult child. It just would not work.

    So, at first sister in law e-mailed me to confirm the time for the reservations. "7:00 pm is okay, right?" I said early. Fine. She finally agreed to go early and got a 5:00 pm reservation. We got seated right away, but we were a party of 10 people and the service was s o s l o w. difficult child was starting to spin. "I'm hungry. Where is the food? Why it is taking so long? We've been here an hour already. The food should have been here by now. Find that waiter and tell him to bring me my food." Telling easy child to "shut up" when he tried to talk to him. Nasty to me. Nasty to husband. It was starting to get ugly. And it wasn't like he had nothing to eat before that. He shared the appetizers that were on the table. Anyway, just then, the waiter starts to bring out the food and much to my delight, difficult child's dish was the first one put on the table. Thank God for good timing!

    After that he was better. Not great, but better. We went back to mother in law/father in law's house for dessert and presents. After he was there for a while he asked if he could go home because he was getting bored there. mother in law lives around the corner from us, and no one minded, so husband brought him home and then came back, which was better for the rest of us. Then husband, easy child, and I could sit and talk with everyone else without difficult child asking every five minutes when we were going to go home.

    All in all, we made it through dinner. We're home tomorrow, which always makes things easier.

    Have a merry Christmas!
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    Sounds like it went fairly well, all things considered...

    There are a FEW higher-end restaurants out there that are more difficult child friendly.
    One that I know of here, promises that "no one leaves hungry".
    Their trick?
    Unlimited fresh homemade bread... and the first loaf arrives when the waiter pours your water!
    For some difficult children... it holds off the rush to eat.
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    It somehow feels so strange to be so relieved that such a great time is over, but to me anyway I kind of do. Yet I had a great time, we played games etc. and Q was good, but I was holding my breath as I was reading your post. Maybe projecting my feelings tonight onto your situation, but the present opening (grandma wants them to go one by one in a certain gift order too... Q about died waiting finally ripped open everything)... I wish they understood more. They love him and let it go but I could read the facial expressions. So when I heard his food came, I felt relieved for you! I am totally jealous you can bring him home and leave him, lol. Well, maybe some day. I bet you are glad you are at your house tomorrow!
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    That actually started a few years ago. At the time I was a member of a local gym and I would go a couple of time a week. Summer vacation was rolling around and difficult child was already having fits about going and having to stay in the child care room, and I understoo his complaint. It was a small room and was mostly set up for babies. He was 9 at the time and I knew he would have no fun there. easy child, who was 4, loved it there! Anyway, he asked why couldn't I just leave him home? I was really hesitant to do it, but we talked about with the therapist. He felt it was worth a try because the wanting to stay home was coming from him. It's not like I was closing the front door on a screaming kid, crying, "Please, take me with you!!!" So, we tried it and it worked out well. At first I would only leave him alone for small amounts of time. 45 minutes to an hour at the most. But as he's grown older we've left him for longer and longer stretches. Honestly, I think it benefits me more than anyone else. I can get things done without having that anxiety about when the next meltdown will occur or when the next screaming match between difficult child and easy child is going to erupt. It's better for easy child, too, because he can get out of the house and away from his brother for a while.

    And yes, I am SOOOOOO gld that weare here at my house today. Everyone was happy with their presents and everyone is quiet. For now, at least, anyway.
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    So glad everything worked out just fine! I can SO identify with the restaurant situation!
    I was holding my breath!!!!