Made It Through easy child's Communion

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Seriously, I could not have asked for the day to have gone any better.

    It started with difficult child getting dressed. Being the great mother that I am, I forgot to make sure the he had a dress shirt tht fit him. So I told him to wear his nice pants, dress shoes, and the new polo style shirt that I just bought him. His reply was, "Mom, that's not dressed up." Kudos to difficult child for wanting to be dressed nicely for easy child's big day. I suggested, more as a last resort really, that he try one of his dad's shirts, with the understanding that if it did not fit he would have to wear the polo shirt and that I was not going to argue with him about this. I still had to get ready and I still had to get easy child ready. He said that was fine. OMG!! His dad's shirt fit!! Then he turned around and asked his dad if he could wear a tie! "And not one of those fake, clip on ties. I want a REAL tie!" husband jumped right on that and difficult child wore a shirt and tie! He looked so handsome and grown up! He changed as soon as he got home, into the polo shirt and one of his new pairs of jeans ("I can't wear old, cruddy jeans to easy child's party.") I dropped difficult child off at my in-laws house and he went to church with them because husband and I had to be at church an hour before the communion mass started. That worked out great. mother in law said that he was well behaved while he was there and was very good during the church service. Great!

    After the service was over mother in law took the pictures of easy child that she wanted to take and then she went to leave and take difficult child with her because he was getting antsy. "How much longer is this going to take?" Then my BFF asked difficult child if he was going to change as soon as he got home and he said yes, so she wanted pictures with him all dressed up, which he agreed to do, much to my surprise. mother in law took him back to her house and fed him (smart lady!) and he helped pick up the cake for me (father in law said he would take care of that for me) and pick up the pizza that he ate for lunch.

    The party was here at the house and the weather held for us (the weather man kept saying "showers", which turned into "late day showers", but it was sunny the whole day). difficult child was well behaved for almost the whole day. He and easy child got into a scrap towards the end of the day, but both of them were really tired (it had been a VERY long day for all of us), so we separated them and they were fine for the rest of the night.

    All in all, it was great day. I was really worried that difficult child would do something to ruin the day for easy child because difficult child does not usually do well when he's not the center of attention, but I had some family here that we have not seen in a long time, so they paid him a bit of attention, too, because they wanted to talk to him and ask him how things were going with him, just as much as they wanted to talk to easy child. So, he really got alot of attention, too.

    I'm glad that it's over, though.
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    I am so happy for u! Congrats on the communion. Hugs Rabbit
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    Glad to hear that it went well!!
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    I'm so had you enjoyed Communion Day. Those memories are so precious. DDD
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    Sounds like everyone had a nice day! (And good for difficult child for acting like a "grown up" in regards to dressing nicely!)
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    What a relief! Congrats to all of you.
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    Congrats to all. It's a beautiful thing!
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    it's definitly a sigh of relief when things go better than expected. Glad it was a good day for the family!!
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    I am glad everthing went so well. Keep your fingers crossed for me and my easy child. She makes her 1st Holy Communion on May 20th and we are hoping (any praying) difficult child will read the Epistle that day. He is an altar boy and does very well with it and really enjoys doing it.

    We got easy child's dress, veil, gloves and stockings today. We had a hard time finding shoes and a slip so we are going to JCP later in the week. It was pouring rain here today so we only went a few places.

    She is thrilled with her dress (as am I) It is really beautiful.
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    Shelly, I hope that everything goes well for your daughter when she receives her communion. Some of the girls yesterday had such beauitul dresses. And the little boys looked so handsome in their little suits.
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    Congratulations! What a nice day. Really happy for you.
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    He changed as soon as he got home, into the polo shirt and one of his new pairs of jeans ("I can't wear old, cruddy jeans to easy child's party.")

    These the same jeans, behind last week's hysterics? Crazy isn't it that now he's happy with them?
  14. Congrats to your easy child on first communion! And congrats to difficult child for having such a good day and helping it to make it a good day for easy child too!

    That made me smile!
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    I'm so happy for you that a moment/event that was so special went off with out a hitch and was so nice for you. It's often so rare that we get these and it's even more special when they go well. :)
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    Yes, Family Mum! These are one of the exact same pairs of jeans.
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    LOL, but I wouldn't be pointing it out to him. Just enjoy the silent victory that he's using them and that you had a great party. Well, i wouldn't be so silent about the last part. Our kids need praise when they get it right!