Made it through the weekend...whew!

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    The announcement of "Jamie is coming home" is always met with an element of trepidation these days because we never know just how or if Billie is gonna cause a scene. She seems to take great joy in belittling him and not letting him get out of her sight for two seconds. I am convinced that Hailie is going to grow up thinking that her name is "your daughter" because she is constantly telling Jamie to do something to or for or with "your daughter"

    All in all it didnt go to badly though. They got in about 9 Thursday night and I had already cleaned my bedroom and bathroom and decided that they were going to sleep in there and that Tony and I would take the couches. I just wasnt going to even deal with anything else. I insisted.

    Of course, I had to babyproof much more than I normally do because Keyana is much more used to me than Hailie is. I just didnt realize

    On Friday in order for them to go out, they had to take Billie and Hailie with them (Tony and Jamie) so they went to the most comfortable fishing spot they could find. Now me, I just say...boys go fishing because I dont want to be miserable in the heat and sun but Billie doesnt want to let Jamie out of her sight and stay home and be comfortable like a normal person so she had to tag along and be Me...I was cool and comfortable at home.

    Our town had its fireworks display on Friday night and we had planned to take Hailie to see it when we picked up Billy from work that night but she got mad at Tony around 8 pm when she threw a bowl of hotdogs at him and he popped her hands. She had a screaming fit which her momma really didnt like and she gave her a bath and put her to Tony and I ended up taking Cory to go see the fireworks when we picked up Billy.

    Then on Saturday morning we all got up and went into a little town beside us that was having a parade that Keyana was in for the 4th. She is Dublin's Little Wee Miss So we saw her then we got her from the parade and brought her back to our house to play then go swimming with Hailie, Cory and Jamie in the river. I managed to convince Billie that she really didnt want to walk all the way down to the river. The girls had a blast swimming but Billie couldnt be convinced that they didnt need to get a bath after they got back. We were running late for our next activity but she was convinced that the river had to be dirty! No...this is clean water. But she made the girls take baths anyway. Fine...hurry. She can be so stupid.

    Then we went to Ft. Bragg. She wouldnt allow us to go up early enough to see the first concert because...ahem...she is pregnant and we would be there too long. She started getting witchy saying she was going to be home at 10. Ummm...fireworks start at 9:30. We live 40 miles from the base! Dont think so. We did manage to get there in time to see the second concert which the girls really liked and they danced around together which was really cute. Then we had to sit around for awhile until it got dark and the fireworks started. It was Hailies first fireworks and she was a bit scared and so was Keyana because we were really close but they both got over it quickly and had a really good time and talked about it all the way home. Needless to say it took us well past 10 to get

    I am tired. I am glad to be alone now. Keyana has gone over to her Daddy's for the night. Funny....Tony just went over to Cory's to help him do something and Keyana wouldnt come home with him. She told him she didnt love him anymore because he was gonna take her to the hospital to get a shot! We have no idea where she got that I think she just wanted to stay at Daddy's house.
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    Sounds good Janet. I've got JJ for the week. It's been one day and I am worn out. He spent 3 hours in the pool this afternoon after church. Needless to say, by 8 pm he was asking Pepa, "Where's my room. I want to go to bed." by 8:10, he was out like a light." Pepa just got up to check and make sure he is still breathing.

    That boy had the best time swimming and jumping in the pool. He is a little water rat like his daddy. A friend is coming over tomorrow to give him swimming lessons. She taught all of mine to swim, and then Joshua worked for her helping teach when he was in high school.

    We also went down to the bay last night and watched the fireworks off the dock, over the water---just beautiful. JJ was amazed at the colors and then on the way home told us his favorite color is green and he liked the green one's best.

    Check out my facebook. I'm updating daily on our adventures.
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    That sounds like a pretty good 4th to me!!

    This part sounds really cute!!
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    Sounds like fun! Especially for Little Wee Miss cute is that?
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    Sounds like a fun holiday despite Billie. lol

    Little Wee Miss Peanut huh? How bleeping adorable. Well keyana is adorable, no wonder they picked her. :D

    easy child had an enormous bash at her house. She invited all of sister in law's family, his friends and their families from work, her friends and families from work, and our family, plus a few childhood friends and some of the neighbors. lol She had a huge cook out. But had much of the day planned around the kids as there were plenty of them, all pretty small. She had water balloon fights, swimming in the wading pool, bubbles. They even had their own fireworks. (sparklers) After dark the "adult" males let off their own fireworks. This is no small event. These are fireworks like those you see at the city displays. Their neighbors, even those not invited, sat in their yards and cheered at the show.

    Due to mother in law, husband and I didn't make it. Much her her disappointment. It really hurt her feelings even though she understood why we weren't there. Everyone had a wonderful time even with the rain. They sat under umbrellas and watched the fireworks. lol

    I didn't mind missing, except it made easy child feel bad. I don't like large gatherings of people.......even when they are family. sigh
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    i am glad you had a decent time. Sorry billie just doesn't understand many things. She sure is a city kid, isn't she? I have to laugh about the river being dirty - out here when we go out to the cabin at the lake that I have permission to use (all former employees are allowed to use it, as well as current employees - we are a big family) I send my kids into the lake with a bar of soap (biodegradable camping lake-safe soap). We worry more about how the soap will affect the lake than about the lake being "dirty" for washing!

    At least the boys got to go to the river without her. Does she keep him on that short a leash all the time? SEems liek a wonderful way to make him start lieing about where he is. Just to get some alone time, it would make either husband or I lie.

    Enjoy your time alone. I wonder where Keyana heard about being taken to the hospital for a shot??? Is it something Billie would have used to keep Hailie in line? I think it is a HUGE disservice to a child to make the doctor or hospital the "bad guy", esp if you are doing it to keep their behavior in line. It makes the child afraid of doctors and hospitals, which can lead to real problems if they get hurt or sick.

    But at least you get some peace and quiet!