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I was told recently that magnesium is good for adhd. I have a magnesium deficiency and have been on 750 mg a day (when I can remember to take it) for quite some time now. That person told me that Missy may have inherited the same problem from me. I've had this problem for years, but wasn't diagnosis'd until about a year ago. Has anyone any experience with magnesium and hyperactivity?

Debbie MA

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Magnesium and Zinc supplements resulted in an unbelievable improvement in my son's behaviors - he is diagnosed BiPolar (BP). We went on to add additional supplements and he was very stable with on only small amounts of prescription medications for more than 18 months. His neurologist believes he has a malabsorption problem and needs supplements because he can't absorb all the nutrients he needs from the food he eats. He recently experienced a depressive episode that I attribute to a decrease in his thyroid medications.

Here are some interesting articles:


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Debbie, How much mag does your son take? (and how old/how much does he weigh?) we had a doctor who told us the chelated forms of minerals get absorbed better. anyone else heard this?


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omega3 fatty acids are said to be effective as well. My difficult child has been on omega's & zinc for 2wks with- no improvement, but studies are showing children are still improving even after 15 wks. so it can take a while but there is hope!