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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jannie, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    My husband came home this evening after hearing a presentation about magnetic therapy and all of the benefits. Many parents spoke about the huge success and improvements in their child's mood and behavior. Some noticed major improvements within the first week. The people promoting the products discussed the fact their there kids no longer need medication or have grealy decreased the amounts of medications.

    Some suggested items are magnetic bedding, insoles, and bracelets. It also helps decrease pain.

    Anyone out there ever use these type of products? I'd love to hear feedback--
  2. Sara PA

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    Matter of fact, my best friend sold Nikken stuff for awhile. She and her SO use a lot of it, he's more of a believer than she is at this point. Both my son and I tried some of the products including the mattress pad.

    We each felt a physical difference when we slept on the mattress pad. He didn't like the feeling, I can take it or leave it. It makes you sort of tingly. From the few times my son tried it, I saw no differences. I used it for quite a while for some physical aches and pains. Can't say that I thought it helped. There was no effect on my mental or nuerological state. I didn't use a pillow with magnets in it. Not sure I would have had my friend offered to let me try one.

    I seem to remember trying some insoles for a while. IIRC I did think they helped but the problem went away and I never had the need them again.

    My friend attended meetings where a doctor did claimed that his child benefited from the magnets and that they stopped giving him medication. Interestingly, my friend lives in Maryland; maybe it's the same doctor.
  3. jannie

    jannie trying to survive....

    Is the friend who is selling the products the same one that heard the doctor present in Maryland? My husband went for himself, however, heard many benefits for kids too...he said, we've spent thousands a dollars a year on doctors, therapies,and he wonders if this is something to try.
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    Can't believe I stumbled on this post tonight...I was just talking about this with my friend today! I have personally used magnetic therapy in the past for my arthritis & heel spurs. Everything got better for quite a few years now. Just in the past few months I've been experiencing pain again....might check into them again. I have no idea about magnetic therapy for difficult child issues....never crossed my mind. It is now though :smile:
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    Friend who sells magnets lives in Maryland and heard a doctor -- pediatrician, IIRC -- talk about how they helped his kid(s).
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    We have tried them for physical stuff, including my fibro. Never got any benefit personally, and husband only got a little bit of help.

    For me, I wouldn't take my experiences to be the norm. The electrical whatever in my body is messed up and always has been. To the point I cannot wear watches because they just stop and have to be careful with the cell phone and other electrical/electronic things - I frequently end up with very strange things happening.

    It runs through my family. My dad and his sister are BOTH this way. And NONE of us have had any help from magnets.

    Personally, I have tried many things to help my children. If it won't hurt them, and I can afford it, I try it. Frequently with a skeptical eye, and I do find keeping a daily journal helpful in figuring out what helps and what doesn't.