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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by joneshockey, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone has given/taken part in a mail baby shower? My sister lives in Utah and she is adopting a little baby boy (he is due to arrive Nov. 12) and I REALLY want to have a baby shower for her, but she won't be coming home to Michigan prior to his arrival and I wont be able to attend the shower that she is having in Utah. One of my Mom's friends told me about this new trend of having a "mail shower" where people send gifts thru the mail instead of attending a shower in person. I had never heard of it before, but am starting to wonder weather or not I should try this route for the people who live here in MI. What are your thoughts?

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    Could you "join" her shower on skype? If she has a webcam and if you do then you could join that way. I was at a funeral service and one of the grandchildren was unable to attend, so they had skype set up for her.
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    I see nothing wrong with it. Many ppl send gifts whether or not they are invited to a shower, birthday party, wedding, etc. I think sending an announcement and date of the shower and having the gifts sent to a designated person who will present them at the shower is a great idea.

    Virtual activities are popping up for all sorts of things these days. I'm actually involved in a "virtual walk-a-thon" this year.

    If the host of the baby shower can set up video skype, or upload pictures afterwards for all the "virtual attendees" that would really be a nice personal touch.
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    My mother in law did this for me when I was pregnant with difficult child 1 (back in the days before the internet really took off, much less the existence of things like Skype) since we were on opposite sides of the country and most of husband's extended family lived near her in the Pittsburgh area. I think she probably spent a small fortune on shipping stuff to me (mostly clothing, but there was a baby hamper in the box!), but she enjoyed throwing the party at her house for all the aunts and cousins and great grandmothers. She sent me pictures of everyone with their gift and included it in the box with everything. She also got us an infant car seat, but opted to give that to us in person when we made a trip to Toronto for husband's work -- we drove to Niagra to meet her :)

    But I digress. I think with today's technology it would be a fun and easy thing to do. And I think it really helps distant family feel more connected.
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    What neat ideas! If the Michigan people are typical Michigan people (I love Midwesteners!) they might want to attend a party at your house, chat with her via Skype, PARTY, and then have you take care of the shipping/freight part. Hmm..
    brats and beer anyone? Or cake and punch, lol. DDD
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    I didn't even think of having the party by you! Great idea ladies!

    PS I have a fedex account with a discount and would be glad to let you use it for shipping. Just pm me.
  7. Hound dog

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    The skype idea sounds like fun AND lets everyone visit too.
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    If you truly care about this person, then go for it. I am leery of this type of thing because quite a few relatives and family friends only contact me when they want me to partake of some gift occasion where I send them gifts. Mostly I never hear from these people, and when I do it is because they have a problem or something to brag about. I just don't like the "gimme gimme gimme" tone that has come in the ones I have been invited to. If it is a group of people you truly care about, and you all truly share in each other's lives, then I think it is a great idea, esp with the ablity to skype as gifts are opened. That would be cool.
  9. DDD

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    Plus....her husband could attend! DDD