Mail order pharmacy MORONS

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 2 has an Rx for Seroquel XR 300mg and Seroquel XR 400mg on file with our mail order pharmacy. Both are due for a refill.

    I also happened to get a regular Seroquel 100mg Rx filled last week with them.

    For some incredible reason, the pharmacist deleted the two XR prescriptions from the system when they received the regular Seroquel Rx because they "ASSumed" it was a replacement for the other two medications. :hammer: :nonono: :grrr:

    So after putting me on hold TWICE to confer with the pharmacist for 20 minutes, the operator came back to tell me she needed to "axe the pharmacist" about the prescription and that I needed to tell them what the dosage is I'm administering (DUH, it's ON THE LABEL). So I told her (exactly what's on the label). Then she puts me on hold and comes back to say that the pharmacists says the amount difficult child 2 takes is over the recommended dosage for an individual, so they have to contact the doctor to get authorization. :faint:

    But it gets better. The pharmacist sent an internal email to another department that makes the call to the doctor. So who knows WHEN that will take place... And of course, the good little worker who follows her script so well said she did not know when I could expect to receive the shipment pending authorization.

    I think I need to write a letter.
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    Oh, been there done that!! Sorry they are such idjits. What I find scary is that when our calls were answered in Calcutta we rarely got this level of stupid. They brought the call center back to the US and idiots now run the system. One of Jess's docs will only send e prescriptions (his computer sends them to the pharmacy's computer with-no paperwork). I used to have a credit card on file. Until they messed up the order and charged us WAY more than the non-insurance cost of some medications. What was sent wasn't what was on the bottle OR on the prescription. One bottle had two different people's names - none of them hers!!

    They have 5 rx's for medications for Jess that they refuse to fill. I don't owe money to them. They are not expired. They show up in the computer but NO ONE can figure out how to dispense the medications and send them. They keep telling me that the computer won't LET them. " It should, but it won't. It just won't let us. Can you get your doctor to give you another pascrintion sows maybe the computer will let us send out that pascrintion?"

    Yes, she SAID "pascrintion" instead of prescription. She whined at me about how hard "all this computer programming is to do". This was the second level supervisor!!! I taped one call because the doctor insisted he wouldn't redo the rx because the pharmacy had it and would send it. I just needed to call them again. With the recording of the "pascrintion" person, he made a note to give us written rx's.

    I still have to send our written rx's by priority mail, signature required. Otherwise I can send them a prescription five or six times before they will fill it. It is nuts. I often have to tell them WHO signed for the package. One supervisor said that the person who signed would be fired because they are not "allowed to acknowledge receipt of prescriptions or other items sent by patients".

    I TOTALLY feel your pain. TOTALLY.

    but hey, sometimes you get really odd responses that will entertain your friends if you pay any attention to these idjits.
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    :rofl: Geez, Susie, I wonder if it's the same company I use?

    Well, just to be safe, I phone the psychiatrist with a heads-up on this so that they could respond as promptly as possible since mail order is notoriously s-l-o-w and we've only got about a week and a half of the Seroquel XR left.

    What gets me is that they act like I wrote the prescription! Helloooooo??? The DOCTOR wrote it. The SAME DOCTOR for ALL THREE Rx's!!! Ugh. I fired off a very polite email via their "Contact Us" page. We'll see if anything happens.
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    Don't even get me started, gcv. Boo's on triple therapy for seizures and missing a dose is simply not an option. Our morons once sent out an order, which ended up in a dead mail bin of a delivery company (our address was correct on the order). Delivery company then for some reason returned the medications to the morons, who promptly *destroyed* them. Over $6 grand worth of medications. Not a call, not an email, nada. It took me 3 days of talking to the morons to finally figure out the whole timeline of what happened - my first phone call, I was told to call delivery company to find the medications when actually the morons had already destroyed them! OMG, I thought I was going to stroke out. Then the morons had the nerve to tell me I had to get a new rx since the ones they destroyed were my last refill. And then they billed me my copay for the destroyed medications.

    We get 100 mg tablets of Topamax because we've been giving him 2 Topamax pills for over 10 years - and in their infinite wisdom, they unilaterally decided we *had* to get the 200 mg tabs. I told them I was too dumb and old to make that change and if they couldn't fill the rxs as written, let me know and I'd discuss it with- husband's Human Resources dept. We got our 100 mg tabs.

    I know the day is soon coming when they are going to insist on switching him to generics, which is a really bad idea when you're talking seizures, especially since it took us years to get him relatively seizure free. It aggravates me no end that clerks who have zero knowledge about the patients' needs are making, literally, life and death decisions. It's like your pharmacist/clerk/moron saying that difficult child is taking more than recommended - didn't you just want to reach through the phone, slap her upside the head, and ask her who she thought wrote the rx in the first place?????

    With thank you? It was a humongous nightmare, especially when he was unstable. The psychiatrist would change rxs at least monthly, and I'd end up with- a 3-month supply of medications that he'd take for at most a month before the next change. But the morons simply could not grasp the fact that it is not cost effective in the slightest to send out a 3-month supply of medications for an unstable patient. I finally called Human Resources at husband's company and got a nursing home waiver, allowing us to buy a 1-month supply at a brick and mortar pharmacy indefinitely.

    This whole mail order thing is such a total pain in the posterior. And it *really* bothers me that they send out prescription medications in the mail and don't require signatures upon receipt. You have to sign for rxs in brick and mortar pharmacies - why don't you have to sign for mail order??
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    Interestingly, I've used the VA medications-by-mail system for several years (medications are free ordered by mail). I have NEVER had an order messed up. Never! I was very leery of using the svc at first, but it's worked out very well over the years.
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    I quit using mail-order pharmacy. Years ago I used to get all my medications by mail, and a three-month supply each time, and I only had to pay a one-month co-payment (for three months of medication)! What a deal! My present insurance won't cover that.

    I had too much trouble with the mail-order medications this year, so we are back to the pharmacy, which is working out just fine.

  7. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I kinda feel like I have my hands tied because of the cost issue involved. I am saving THOUSANDS of dollars by using mail order. Over the course of a year, it's close to TENS of THOUSANDS with all the different medications this family needs to get by.

    And yes, it does make me want to reach through the phone and shake or smack someone who makes some knee-jerk decision like this without even COMMUNICATING. The consequences are just so far reaching and they just don't seem to GET IT. :holymoly:
  8. timer lady

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    My insurance company recently switched to mail order ~ it's been a nightmare. I had a total of 4 days left on several of my medications & the pharmacist had the audacity to tell me that an M.D. wrote the prescription incorrectly. Seems to me the pharmacists must follow an MDs orders ~ apparently in mail order this isn't the case.

    My savella was down to 3 days & pharmacist insisted that MD must write the script for a 54 day supply. Huh? Finally got things sorted out & was hit with a huge copay all at once that on my limited income I cannot afford. I hate this - these mail order giants are as bureacratic as the insurance companies. If I charged for my time at my last salary's rate I'm not ahead of the game being on the phone with this company. Ick!