Major Food Recalls - Botulism - Long List

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    Just read of a huge recall and figure some of the family might have some on their shelves. This is the DDD Public Service Post.
    Casteleberry foods (owned by Bumble Bee) recalled 80 types of canned chili, beef stew, corned beef hash and one dog food.

    Names: Austex, Best Yet, Big Y, Black Rock, Bloom, Bryan, Bunker
    Hill Castelberry, Cattle Drive, Firefighters, Food Club, Food Lion, Goldstar, Great Value, Kroger, Lowes, Meijer, Morton House, Paramont, Piggly Wiggly, Prudence South, Home, SteakNShake, Thrifty Made, Triple Baran?, Value Time. Also Natural B?? Dog Food.

    Check your shelves so you can call & verify if it's safe. DDD
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    The products were all manufatured between April 30 and May 22, 2007, and have "best by" dates two years after their production dates. Anything canned earlier or later is not in the recall (unless it is expanded).

    ETA: The Great Value brand items are the ones sold only in Canada, not the ones sold in the USA.
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    Thanks, ladies, for the information.