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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Aug 18, 2008.

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    We are back from our adventure packed weekend. When we arrived at sister in law's on Friday early afternoon, we went to Como zoo. After that, the visit to Mall of America. difficult child was a little anxious and we kept reminding him that MOA was NOT what caused him to be sick. He was already having problems before visiting there last Fall.

    We went through Under Water World as we usually do. He was very independent so whatever anxiety he was struggling with did not have him haning on me. Then he asked if we could go eat. After agreeing on Tony Roma's we headed there. The route taken happened to go past the infamous balcony. difficult child was doing great. He was looking toward the area and I walked closer to the balcony and asked if he wanted to come over. He shook his head and with a grin said "don't push it mom" as he walked away. So we kept going. Maybe another time?

    We ate and then headed to Lego Land. While waiting for husband to meet up with us, difficult child noticed an Apple store down the hall. He received permission to go there and took off ahead of me. (No separation problems! :) )

    It was getting late so when husband returned, we headed through the park and went through Under Water World again before heading back to sister in law's.

    difficult child experienced low level anxiety off and on all weekend. We are looking for various ways to help. Fruit helps as well as rest. We did so much that in order to remember everything, I will have to write it down.

    The stress eraser arrived while we were gone. easy child took difficult child to get it. Puppy is also home so we will see how much he improves this week with those two stress reliever tools.

    I will count the MOA trip a success. difficult child was able to keep his anxiety in check during our very busy weekend.

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, difficult child learned how to swim and float on his stomach this weekend. He was so proud of himself! He also rode an elephant and a camel, went to a Twins game with an awesome ending, went to the Star Wars exhibit, played mini golf with his dad, attended a circus school performance, rode a monorail, went to the Grizzly Coast exhibit at the MN Zoo, and saw a cool police mobile at the airport.
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    WOW! Sounds like a VERY successful weekend for difficult child!!! He did SO many things, and managed to get through it all very well :D Way to go!

    I can TOTALLY relate to his balcony anxiety... we were at a hotel last night that had all the rooms facing the exterior of the building, with just a 4-foot open railing between you and the ground below. And we were on the 8th floor. I nearly had a panic attack, and had to practically hug the wall as I walked the length of the building to get to our room at the opposite end... :( I have no idea why my anxiety was so high -- probably a combination of things, I'm sure.

    I hope your difficult child continues to cope as well as he did this weekend!
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    I wish I'd known you were heading down my direction (I'm in St. Paul). Would have found a way to meet you for coffee. Let me know the next time your heading my way. We love the Como Zoo & kt heads down there with her PCA at least twice a month when she is checking out the animals at the humane society.

    I'm glad the trip went so well
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    It definitely sounds like a very successful visit to the mall and a fun weekend.:)
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    Sounds like a hugely successful trip. Good for your difficult child.
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    Timer Lady,
    I lived in St. Paul when I was age 4-9. We often went to the Como Park Zoo and Lake Nacomis. I lived on Osceola Ave and Sargent St--right off of Hamlin Ave. and near St. Clair Ave if I remember correctly. I have very fond memories of my childhood spent there. My niece and sister live in Minneapolis.

    what a great success you had! I am so glad things went as well as they did. Kudos to all of you!

  7. Yippee! I am glad that it worked out. It sounds like difficult child handled it all well.
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    Great news!! That is wonderful to hear. I am so glad your trip was a success. Kudo's to difficult child for doing so well. Hope to hear of more good news real soon. :)
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    Andy, glad to hear that things went so well.
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    Andy, that's fantastic.

    Between you and Jane, you're making me homesick. I grew up in St. Paul, and when I was first married, lived in an apt in Como.

    Your difficult child did very well by all reports, Andy. Especially with-all that stimulation. You all must be exhausted.

    When I got to the Twin Cities with-the kids, I hate to take difficult child to the MoAm. husband does it or it doesn't happen at all.

    (I get sick at Underwater World, too. You can look at me cross-eyed and I'll get nauseated. :( )

    Congratulations that difficult child learned to swim !!!!! Woo hoo!
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    I think I would need one or two xanax for the MOA, I am not too good with malls or huge crowds