mama picked her new car :) :) :)

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    Just got in from the dealership with S/O. We went and I picked out my model and features, colors etc. They have one on the lot with this added fancy grill that looks nice but i'd never order. So the owner may just sell it to us at price before the grill or bring in from another dealership the one with the specs I ordered. Either way, I think I just took my next to last ever taxi ride! Should be in one to go pick it up and then I have wings :) :) :)

    I swear I wanted to just pet it lol. It was so nice smelling and new and leathery and the seats are soooo comfortable! The cooling/ventilated seats feature for the summers mixed with the heat for winters is going to change my ability to be mobile in different weather with my MS. I swear this car is more a help medically than anything. I can now do things we'd given up, like taking easy child to the beach. A small sounding thing but we aren't far from the beach which is gorgeous. We went once this year. By the time we just get to it, the heat has me ill. So now I can go back to the car to cool down my core body temps and enjoy these things again.

    I am trying like mad to think of something special to do as a thank you for my S/O. Totally drawing a blank!
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    Think small - in terms of cost. A note, a card. Look over what you wrote in your post. The intensity of your emotions showed right through. Take him out for dinner in YOUR new car, even a picnic dinner. in my opinion looking for something "grand" to reciprocate with would just ....... sorry, I can't find the right words, but somehow would diminish the whole experience.

    by the way what color did you decide on?
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    I can think of something really special you can do!
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    Me too!! ;o)
  5. Shari

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    Aside from the obvious (Janet and Jo.. lol), I think you can copy several lines from your posts here to write about how wonderful this is for you and stick it in his lunch box.
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    LMAO Well I did tell him it's basically "on tap" for the 3 years of payments HAHAHAHA! (Sorry for those who are going EWWW too much information!) ;)

    I agree some big gesture in return minimizes this gift and knowing my S/O, he wouldn't enjoy at all. I think dinner is a great idea. Perhaps I will pick a restaurant a bit out of town so we can take a nice drive where he can see me all excited driving us to go eat. Someplace with candle light tables even if it's not a "fancy" place. I think a little dinner celebration type thing would be just the ticket. We have restaurants in our province where you pay a fee to bring your own wine. Perhaps I'll bring along a non alcoholic wine for us to sip with dinner.

    As for color, they had every color on the lot (just not my model and interior etc). Once seeing them up close, I shocked myself by choosing black! I had decided on titanium silver or the dark cherry and felt firm between the two. But the silver was out once I saw it in sunlight and the dark cherry was a contender but unbelievably I picked black, which prior to this was NEVER on my radar. I just loved the look of it. The wheels and handles etc stand out so nice on the black, it looked sleek etc. I ordered the black leather interior which was going in no matter what exterior paint color I chose.

    The lumbar part of the drivers seat was a dream. I swear I could have napped in it!! It was kind of good that I was so sore and not having the best day, it gave me a chance to see how I'd feel on a not so good day in the seat. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the small leg room for the 6th and 7th passenger seating. But then again, they won't be used often, and I'll be coasting along in my awesome seat so my passengers will have to deal ;).

    I watched a happy new buyer drive off with one they were picking up and we chatted for a bit before they drove away. I had envy! But soon it will be me :). I must be crazy but I'm even excited to fill up at gas stations. I'm sure the gas thing will wear off once we start getting gas price shock but for now even that seems fun.

    A neat bonus of this process was because S/O is on probation for the first 3 months before getting in the union, we needed something to satisfy the bank he wouldn't get tossed before the 3 months is up. His boss yesterday wrote a letter for the bank confirming that they are keeping him on after the 3 months and that they are grooming him for a place in management/supervisory position. That made S/O's day that the boss would commit that to paper.

    Tis a good day. I can't wait for my Binx Mobile!
  7. Shari

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    I am so excited and happy for you. How cool!

    Ironically, I think I would be as excited as you are if my husband would just change the oil in the 1980's POS rust bucket that he drives. That's my dream. lol


    Can't wait to see your smiling face behind the wheel in that first photo!!!
  8. Star*

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    PET IT~! LOVE IT~~~~~ and enjoy it thoroughly.