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    Every since I came down with the respiratory virus several weeks ago, husband has been "dying". Granted, he did get the bug too......not near as bad as me, but this time he actually got the bug. He's been over it for quite some time..........then allergies kicked up.....maybe some sinus issue as the weather did it's almost spring thing and did the drastic change in temps along with rain rain rain. So......does he say he got over the first bug and now is having some issues? Nope. He's "dying", he's sooooo terribly sick. Oh, gimme a break.:groan:

    Poor Travis has had 3 resp viruses since he gave us the first one.......boy sick as a dog, high temp, cough, nasal drainage you name it. He's very sick now. Travis does not usually complain.....has not really complained.......all I have to do is look at him to know he's very sick.

    husband since he's "dying" expected Travis to go out in the cold and feed ticked when the boy went upstairs and collapsed in bed instead. Guess it wasn't enough he went to class today sick. ugh So feeding Rowdy turned into a major production........husband did it but you should've seen the acting and man was he ticked.

    I topped it off by noticing Brandon left Bunny here. Now the lil guy is 2 and will not sleep without Bunny. husband had a major cow because since he had his coat ect on to feed Rowdy I ask him to drive half a block to take the darn bunny to his grandson.

    I guess just sitting on the couch all day is utterly exhausting work. While I watched 3 boys, 2 of which are babies, helped Darrin with school work and study for his spelling test, cooked dinner....... for 9 hrs. Yeah, don't think that pity party is gonna start soon. No I'm not sick, but my glands in my neck are swollen and achy......and I'm praying I'm not getting ready to get sick again. Of course this didn't stop me from doing what needed to be done with the boys here. ugh (boys who just now went home for the night)

    One of husband's major problems is he won't stop taking mucinex, combined with zyrtec, along with a benedryl based sleeping pill (which he doesn't need).........and lord only knows what else he managed to slip in when I'm not looking. I've told him those medications arent' meant to be taken in combo nor for long periods......mucous production is the body's means to get rid of a virus. Fine for night but during the day you need to cough some of that crud up already. Although I think his body has gotten so used to the drying effects of two allergy medications and mucinex that the moment he stops taking it he's flooded.......if he'd stop long enough the body would stop doing this to him.

    And to top it off he's acting like it gives him the right to be a total grouch.........uh, no. So he goes off and I throw it right back. Even the dogs could do nothing right today. ugh

    Oh and he pouted because when the boys arrive it's their naptime. (darrin is in school) Conner goes into the portable crib in the diningroom. Brandon gets put down in nana's bed and I lay with him until he falls asleep. husband was pouting because this meant he couldn't go back to bed.:sigh:

    Only good news I have is that easy child thinks she's found a 2nd shift sitter. I hope so because if I don't go to work soon I may have to kill this man..........omg!
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    Your post helps me remember why I'm "happily single." My DEX once charted his temperatures on the calendar 4 times a day when he was sick. I wanted to poke his eyes out. When we are sick life pretty much proceeds as usual while we continue to take care of everyone else and somehow get better ourselves. When men are sick the world stops! Your post had me laughing, so thanks for that at least! Hang in there and take care of yourself. Just remember- we are the superior sex, that's why we have the babies!
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    Cory gets the "man cold" too. Or I should call it the little boy He needs his mommy not even Mandy. He is so pitiful it isnt even funny. Its always Momma do this, Momma get me some ice water, Momma feel my forehead, Momma I think Im hot, Momma Im freezing to death, Momma I need to lay in bed with you, Momma hold me, Momma fix me some chicken noodle soup, Momma, momma momma. LOL. He came in tonight after our new king-sized bed was set up and was so thrilled to find out that he can actually fit in it with Tony and I in the bed! Now he doesnt have to wait for Tony to leave in the mornings to come snuggle up with Momma...lmao. Im waiting to find Tony, me, Cory and Mandy all crowded in my bed one I have no doubt I will find at least Cory in there regularly. One would think he would stop after 24 years! This takes a whole new meaning to the family bed!
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Oksey Doksey -


    The VICs DAYQUILL One -

    Where the man is lying on the couch "dying" and the woman walks past him and tosses him a box of Vics Dayquill....

    O.M.GOSH -

    I laughed so hard the first time I saw it - I nearly fell off the couch and DF said - YUP you all think we're a bunch of BIG BABIES when we get sick don't you?

    I said don't think...KNOW. I went to work with a broken foot, digging ditches, in freezing weather and had the flu. Same time? DF had a cold - You would have thought he needed to go to the hospital. Two months later? I broke the OTHER foot - and still went to work. He had allergies and it was like someone was dying. Yeah - I sooooooooo get where you are coming from Hound.

    There is a new book out about how women are so much tougher than men, written BY a man, and I chuckled before thinking about buying it and thought - "Boy you're a smartie, really tapped into THAT resource didn't ya buddy?" lol I'll wait till it comes on line for free. Or Library. I know how much tougher I am and in what - don't need a book to tell me that. I also know what I'm NOT tougher in - no shame in it either. Like Popeye said - I am what I am. Weaker sex? Not in a lot of things.

    Fortunately for me? Dude's out on his own and well - the kids been hit by a bus, hit by a car, gotten stung multiple times by wasps, gotten MRSA, 3 degree burns, blisters - and just recently had the flu- he's been pretty tough on his own.
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    It sounds like it is time to throw a huge hissy at your husband and remind him that you do not want to hear this koi.

    As to his mucinex, zyrtec and benadryl, well the allergy medications together are a problem. But the mucinex is one of the best things he can do for that problem. Mucinex won't make that mucus go away or dry it out. It does the opposite. It makes the mucus not as sticky so that it CAN be coughed out. If he is going to continue to take the allergy medications he should probably add sudafed - NOT that PE stuff they sell because it just isn't effective. The real, behind the counter, sudafed -generic version of course.

    A decongestant will make the mucus thinner and drippier but it will still be sticky.

    Antihistamines stop the reaction that can overproduce it but usually this just dries out everything and makes the mucus thicker and stickier, so you need the decongestant and expectorant.

    Mucinex is the expectorant and makes it less sticky. This makes it easier to cough out - hence the term expectorant.

    The most common sense doctor I ever knew said to take all 3 with a cold, esp with cough. If you have a cough then take a cough suppressant (alcohol is actually the best cough suppressant, followed by codeine and then way less effective you have dextromethorphan) AT NIGHT ONLY. If you have to be at school and cannot cough, take a suppressant then and give yourself at least a few hours of coughing at night then take the suppressant again. The sickness will NOT go away if you do not cough the **** out.

    I would be having a hissy at HIM. My husband doesn't pull that **** for long. He tries but the more he whines about being sick when he isn't the mroe I aks him to do. For every bit of grief given while doing those things I aks for another chore or errand. It took a while, but he finally figured it out. When really sick, I don't do this - only when pretending.
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    ah hahahahahah! Mine is a BIG BABY too. They are weak.... we are strong.
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    Oh, Star, I just watched that Dayquill commercial ... the one where he's laying on the sofa, arm outstretched, and pitifully whining, "I can't reach the remote!" I would have bashed him upside the head with that remote! Repeatedly!

    Reason # 84598 why my ex is now an ex! He wasn't just insufferable when he was really sick (which was very seldom), he used the "sick" excuse to get out of virtually everything! I, on the other hand, was not allowed to be sick because no matter how sick I was, he would claim to be even sicker than I was! That meant that, no matter how sick I was, I could not expect even one ounce of sympathy, understanding or help from him because he always claimed to be so much worse off than I was! If I felt bad, I was expected to just soldier on and do everything I always did, but if he was (or claimed to be) sick, he expected to be pampered and babied and worried about! It was always about him HIM HIM! And when the kids were little and in day care, if I was sick and stayed home from work, he would refuse to take them to day care so I had to contend with two little kids running around all day, even if all I wanted to do was stay in bed all day and sleep! But if he stayed home sick, the kids went to day care as usual because he was SICK and just too, too pitiful and weak and puny to have to keep an eye on them! The b*stard!
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Yes Jesus loves them.......LOL
  9. Hound dog

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    OMG!! I LOVE that commercial...........and pointed it out to husband when it was on. lol

    Donna that is exactly what I deal with concerning husband. He knows the big cleaning is about to start.........he's hoping this will get him out of work. It's not going to, but I suppose he can dream. lol
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    LOL! I had to explain "mancold" to Kiddo because she didn't understand why I laughed so hard at that commercial. Now she thinks it's hilarious.