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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Nov 14, 2008.

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    ok so i totally shouldnt' be complaining at this point. I posted yesterday how great difficult child is doing in school, such an improvement on social level with this medication, etc. all of that is absolutely great.

    Yet it's now after ten, i gave her the medication at 5:30 today with plans to get her in by 8:30 9. Well, that didn't work, she was too hyped and was feverishly building more onto her Long House project she did at school.

    I reverted to coming in here, instead of yelling at her which is what i truly would like to do right now. Yet every weekend she is like this for hte most part. So, don't get me wrong her being better in school all week is truly amazing and i'm so so happy for her and I am lucky to see the improvement. Yet the weekends wear me down. She is blatantly ignoring my words i have spoken that it's time to clean up all the stuff spread out all over the living room right now, and there's alot and she's just totally ignoring me. I"m afriad that too much time has elapsed tonight for her to fall asleep, since medication was given that is.

    So, basically i'm P*ssed right now. She knows I can't drag her up to bed she's way too big. She weighed in at 98lbs. the other day at dr. my back is bad she also knows that and uses that info for her own benefit. very smart girl. so now i can't punish tmrw she's going to see dad and she only sees him every other weekend so now she'll get nailed on monday for this tonight.

    During week my countdowns work, etc. she'll listen eventually. yet on weekends forget it. it's like fasten your seatbelt and good luck.

    ok i'm done

    thanks for letting me fly yet again.
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    Ugh! I so remember the sleepless nights with difficult child (it's why I found this place at 4 a.m. one morning) and if it's anything like my difficult child was he was not just awake but wanting to have someone awake and playing with him.

    I hope you are able to figure something out about the sleep thing-I honestly don't know how I survived those sleepless nights except that husband and I would tag team.

    For us the medications really helped. For a long time we used Trazadone and now the Clonidine has really helped!