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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Nov 11, 2008.

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    I'm on my way to psychiatrist for medication check. I plan to ask for a referral to a therapist who works with addictive eating stuff. I feel so powerless and responsible. I remember when I was young and ignorant and I would see overweight kids and think "what a horrible parent" they had. I have always had a sort of boomerange karma. It's taught me to cultivate compassion and give others the benefit of the doubt.

    Wish me luck.

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    How did it go?

    Don't beat yourself up. If we got hit with bad karma for every bad or negative thought we had, none of us would be here. We live and learn and go from there.
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    Thank you so much for asking. It went ok. She suggested we completely ween off the Celexa from the 7mg and see if the Tenex helps the anxiety on its own. (keeping fingers crossed).

    On another front she and I got into a verbal spat . I guess I was defensive. She suggested that I look for alternatives to my 1mg of ativan I take each night. (DON'T TAKE MY LITTLE WHITE PILL AWAY from me, it's all I have LOL). I guess maybe I am dependent upon it, maybe even addicted depending upon how you use the term, except I've been on this dose for years and I don't feel that I need a higher dose.

    It's funny because I'm in a 12 step program (alanon) as I am surrounded by addicted people in my life (boss and husband alcohol, son sugar/food) and mostly my addiction is other people, not substances, except occasional sugar cravings myself. Just don't take away my little white pill.

    Hmmm. So now I think maybe I should consider withdrawing from it. Maybe I should let go of the dependence upon the Celexa too. I guess I could learn other coping strategies. I've been on ADs a long time too.

    I'm afraid to come off medications but maybe it is time? How do you know?

    Thanks again for asking WG.

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    It is so hard for anyone who has an addiction to anything to not give in. Even if you know the addiction is unhealthy, you fight from giving in. Kids don't always understand the downside of their addiciton, they are just trying to do what their bodies are telling them to. You are not responsible and you do have the power to fight for a therapist to help in this area.

    Funny how being parents of a difficult child opens our eyes to the true challenges of parenting and how we view a child and the parent of the child who may be having a bad day in public.