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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Apr 24, 2011.

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    It's not pretty. Ex is of the mindset that the cure is worse than the disease.. or something like that. Blaming the very issues that precipiated medications ON the medications now. Manster decided not to take the night time ones because he wanted to stay up later (clonidine) and then forgot the morning ones (Ritalin, Clonidine and Zoloft) and of course no one reminded him. He was hyper and full of negative energy and breaking down crying at the smallest of triggers. I said that's because you didn't take your medications and he said "no mom, I feel this way every day but I just hold it in".. well keep holding it in I'm thinking lol.

    I told ex that I would give him the number to the doctor and he can discuss his concerns with him directly. The decision to take on medications was not an easy one and not one that was taken lightly but it is the one husband and I made on the advice of doctors. Sure, ex is part of the picture but you have to understand here is someone who doesn't believe in medications but self medicates with alcohol and gambling on a regular basis and isn't always of sound mind. He's fairly willing to leave parenting to husband and I and stay the Disneyland dad which we've accepted.

    Not sure where I'm going with this.. just venting I guess.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Hugs. Just shows he needs his medications. Missing the zoloft for one day should not have an effect(as far as I know) as it builds to a theraputic level, but I would not want him to miss any more of it. I think it was a great idea to give ex psychiatrist's number and tell him to call if he has concerns. It is better to keep yourself out of it as much as possible. He obviously has his own issues too, huh?
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    Ug, this is something I worry would happen with Kiddo if visits her umm... "donor". He doesn't even rate Disneyland Dad label.
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    If Clonidine works for Manster the way it works for my difficult child then I completely understand the hyperness and negative energy. Hugs. My difficult child off Clonidine (or any of his medications for that matter) is not a pretty picture.
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    I hear you. Went through a similar battle. Not fun at all.
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    WHAT?????????? And his PhD is in WHAT?

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    Oh, no.
    Will Manster take the clonidine tonight?
    Once he gets a good night's sleep, he'll be better able to get back on schedule tomorrow. And I agree with-the others, that missing one dose of Zoloft isn't a huge deal, as long as he takes it the next day.
    Good luck!
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    Forget having the doctor explain things in detail to Ex. Instead, have him go into it in depth with Manster. Someone with professional expertise needs to counter the dangerous misinformation Manster has been getting form his father. That line of Manster's, where he said, "I'm like this every day but I just hold it in," sounds like dad propaganda. He needs to understand that the medications are helping him to hold it in. The medications are not a cure; they are a partial management only. But without tat partial management it is a lot worse because there is a much bigger gap between what he can control and what he can't.

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    I hope Manster changes his mind and I agree with Marg (if he is able to understand what the doctor says). As somebody who has been on medications since age 23 (I am 57 now) and who can not function without them, there have been soooooooooooo many people who have encouraged me to stop. They make you feel ashamed, or try to make you feel ashamed of taking medication although they would not do so if you were taking insulin for diabetes or Depakote for epilepsy. There is a lot of peer pressure (and family pressure) to "just get over it" or "therapy should be enough" or "learn to deal with it." They have no idea what they are talking about, of course. People take medications as a last resort, because they are NOT capable of controlling their unstable emotions due to biological quirks that can not always be regulated by the person.

    I hope this pressure is not being given to Manster. If so, I hope that there is a way to counteract it. It does not sound as if he is doing well without his medication.

    Hugs to you. Hang in there.
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    Thanks everyone. You're right, I do need to make sure manster understands better and for him to have that awareness. He's growing up and it will be up to him before too long and he's the one who will have to decide for himself.
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    I also agree with Marg and MWM - if he can understand? I think he has a right to know = but keep in mind we did this with Dude and it backfired - Dude decided at 15 he wasn't taking any more "dope" PERIOD. Not that it was helping him anyway - but I think antidepressants would have continued to help him even today cause they sure do me. lol

    Hang in there. Love Star
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    I have to agree... At one point Jett was crying in school because: "I can't focus properly without my pills"... (From a 3rd grader? Not likely language!) Turned out BM was taking his medications to school, and he had run out and she hadn't refilled - and we never knew. husband about blew his top - this was after residential changed to our house, and could have been dangerous if we'd given him something and not known he was on 54mg of Concerta.

    One year later? He had no problems focusing without pills. We taught him some tools to use.

    He may still need medication, but we're being told no, and he's doing quite well now. Hmm.