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    First of all he is reading for fun! I never thought I would see the day. He normally has to be bribed or threatened to read his 1/2 hour a day for school but he has been reading this book called "Diary of a Whimy Kid" and he just loves it. This is huge for us.

    He also cooked dinner tonight. Pretty simple fare, pasta.. but he does seem to have a natural feel for what spices to use. It was yummy.

    Otherwise this is his second week of swimming and it's becoming a routine and he seems to like it. He does seem to have an aversion (sensory?) to putting his head all the way in the water which you need to do for the crawl. I'm hoping he gets used to it in time. His backstroke isn't too bad. I am still working on being the food police and keeping him from sugar. It's a rough road. He seems to be getting bigger despite all the exercise and awareness I'm trying to create.

    I found out that his friend, R, has been pounding on him. She is a little thing, about half his weight but very aggressive and feisty (yes, another difficult child). He doesn't hit back which is a mixed bag. We are trying to come up with a strategy for how he can deal with it when it happens. Of course his dad says "pop her one back" but that isn't his way. I want him to learn how to deal with this. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.

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    No suggestions- BUt just wanted to let you knoww that I'm proud of my bosrd nephwe and YOU!! It sounds like things are going very well and you deserve a pat on the back!!
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    I'm going to move this over to General.