Manster's 11th birthday party

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Sep 9, 2009.

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    We're planning his party for the weekend of the 19th at jump street; a place where the kids jump on trampolenes. Last week he was adamant about not inviting "R" even though we tried to talk him into it (we feel sorry for R). He surprised me today by asking if he could invite one more person. I asked him "who" and I was fairly shocked when he said "R". I asked him about his change of heart and he just said "she's been nice lately". I am proud of my son for having the capacity to forgive and move on.

    I think manster is about 2 years behind his peers emotionally but 2 years ahead physically. He's had BO for years and is getting tons of hair on his legs! I have a real tween on my hands now.

    My baby is growing up.
  2. totoro

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    It sounds like he is at least trying to rationalize his friendship and what is was in a mature way. At least he learning to be the bigger person.
    Lets hope this is a new personality trait.

    11yo! WOW. The Birthday idea sounds great
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    That's very kind of him. He IS growing up :) I hope he has an awesome birthday!
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    Way To Go Manster!! Yep, ML, you have a tween! Prepare yourself - I know you were wanting him to watch what he eats but it will get harder now!!
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    What a wonderful thing for Manster to do-he is growing up and you have every reason to be proud! Give Manster a hug from this board auntie!