Many thanks for the cards...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by horserider, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. horserider

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    I am so touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness from the board. Susie, thank you soooo much for all the hard work.

    Living alone, in my mom's condo, only mom and my sister have this address. But because of my friends here, it makes me realize I am not alone.

    When I am feeling down, I just look over at my Christmas card display, from all my wonderful friends I met this year. It warms my heart, I am receiving Christmas cards everyday and it helps me more then you know. Only three in our family, and we all live in seperate places (difficult child in jjc), geez can you say disfuntional?

    Many thanks and {hugs}

    Happy holidays everyone :snowing::christmasgift::xmasdancers:
  2. hearts and roses

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    And thanks to you too!

    Yesterday I was home sick and difficult child was with me. She was sorting the mail and kept saying, "Another card for you....another card for you...another card for you" and I quipped, "Those are from my friends on the CD board" and she said, "yeah, I remember from last year - that's pretty cool".

    I think it's very cool! Thanks again Star for keeping it going every year! I love hanging all my cards around the house!
  3. Mattsmom277

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    I opened the mail today and there was a bill. And another bill. And another bill. And then, a Christmas card!!!! Yesterday was my first to arrive, today my second. I am betting that the next couple of days I'll be getting several each day. easy child has opened both for me and we have taped them to the fridge where we are making a display of all of the CD board cards. We've recieved 4 outside of this card exchange, and easy child claimed them to decorate her dresser mirror in her bedroom. So all of the board cards are going front and center. They sure cheer up our kitchen :)

    Thank you all ladies! Today's card was Star's card, so I have my list. I'm going to be making all the cards up and will head to get stamps later today. They will find you all past Christmas, but I agree with other posts, it can be a letdown when Christmas is over. A late arriving card can sort of extend the season :)
  4. klmno

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    All the cards last year (my first time) really made difficult child's and my Christmas- they are starting to trickle in this year and I really look forward to it!
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I got klmnos, ML's, and one from someone with no name but a lovely picture!