March 19th Fools Day!

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    Been years since I've posted in general since I mostly hang out in Parents Emeritus, but I mostly just lurk there too. However, this I bit of difficult child over-the-top-way-out-there thinking I simply could not keep to myself!

    Son (now 16 soon to be 17) decides it would be funny to text his Grandma, my mother, whom he is very close to, "Hey, great news! I just found out I got my girlfriend pregnant! :D"

    My mother, understandably, was very upset as she took the text seriously.


    She was so shook up that she could barely speak to him when he went to her house later to apologize. I decided to let them work it out, but Son and I spoke at length about how this wasn't funny at all. Bringing another human being into the world when he isn't even out of high school isn't something to joke about. We spoke about being sexually active, which he said he was not. I believe him. This girl is more of a platonic friend, than a girl friend. I also reminded him that this also impacts me as now I have a son who is acting inappropriately and MY mother is upset and she is older. I think he realized just how stupid this little stunt was.

    Just now, though, he came in and told me how sorry he was for "upsetting your Mom" and gave me a gentle hug. As he was walking to his room he said, "I just wanted to see how she would react." I told him, "Well, Pal, now you know!"
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    Reminds me of my brother in law posting on facebook that he had aids. They just don't understand the emotional response others will have. Glad he went over to talk to her. I hope it sinks in.