Marg! Pumpkin's father has been captured!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Mar 1, 2008.

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    Prayers do get answered.
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    They got him!

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    Yes, we've been watching this. There was a write-up about it in the paper yesterday, and also info on the people who captured him. They tried to tell the police where he was but couldn't make themselves understood; so they tied him up themselves. Very brave of them, the guy was allegedly a martial arts expert. Although from the sound of it, it could have been just another one of this man's sick, self-aggrandising fantasies.

    I gather the Chinese community, far from hiding him, wanted him punished for what he did, especially abandoning a toddler in a foreign country. And the footage of him giving a thumbs-up to security cameras as he boarded the plane to LA - sickening. At that time he wouldn't have known if his baby girl was safe.

    So he will be heading back to NZ soon. I really feel for his two daughters - Pumpkin is in China with her grandmother, but his adult daughter (who didn't know about Pumpkin until this all hit the news) was in hiding from him in NZ, believed possibly murdered until she came forward.

    This will be an interesting case to watch.

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    And wow again.