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  1. Nancy

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    Congrats to you Aussie's on a very fine Masters Tournament!

  2. Marguerite

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    Thank you! They were saying this morning, no Aussie has ever won the Master's. But we do have some wonderful golf courses here. One, the Lakes, is right near the airport. It's beautiful, we drive past it often. We're fortunate to have such wide green space so close to the centre of the city. if they developed it into housing, they'd make a fortune but we'd lose a great golf course. But then - a lot more people would live under the flight path...

  3. Star*

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    Okay now that you responded - I'll look. . LOL - I saw Nancy post to you and saw 51 lookie loos and thought - said MARG....hahhaha. I didn't look until Marg looked. (snort)

    I bet you gals looked in the closet and under the beds for Christmas presents too, and shook the ones under the tree huh? hahahhaha.