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    Did anyone happen to catch Oprah today ? Marie Osmond was her guest and she was there to discuss the suicide of her 18 year old son Michael.

    I have finally calmed down after 20 minutes of crying my eyes out.

    She sang a beautiful song at the end as a tribute to him.

    She said she was aware of his depression and tried repeatedly to help him. My heart broke for her and the rest of the family.

    Marie said he called her cell phone 30 minutes or so before he leaped to his death and she was unable to answer his call because she was being prepped to go out on stage. I could tell from the interview she has tremendous guilt about that ....

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    I read she was going to be the guest but I didn't watch the show. The one thing that I will always remember is that Larry King blindsided her during an interview on his show by calmly asking "is it true that you son is in an out of state program trying to deal with his problems?" Marie's jaw dropped. She said "how did you know that....that is a family issue that is not open for publicity". My heart went out to her. I've never watched Larry King again.

    I did not know that her son called her before his suicide. What an awful burden that must have left. Like many parents of difficult child teens, I thought "there but for the grace of God go I". What a tragedy. DDD
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    I saw it, and I thought Marie was extremely well composed. It was so sad to hear her talk about her son's death and how it effected not just her, but her entire family.

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    I was deeply touched by the interview, which I thought was good.
    The song at the end was particularly impacting.
    in my humble opinion, it would might be good for HER mental health to stop singing it after every show after a year and then only once or twice a year for special occassions (birthdate...etc.)....just a little thought.
    It will hideous, and she will never forget and it is GOOD that she talks about him with other family members and keeps alive his good qualities (others can learn from them), but more and more, she will have to push forward (although she is doing a super job now).
    Did I catch it right....this child was adopted?
    A sad story....tragic, heartwarming and powerful.
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    i didn't watch it. yet yea i can imagine the guilit she'd have that she didnt' answer the phone because she was being prepped to be on stage. kids like that aren't necessarily difficult child's to me their kids who were born into a family that lives in the spotlight because that was their parents choice. which isnt' always the kids choice unfortunately. very sad that yet another young person took their life because to them it seemed easier than working thru whatever feelings they had.

    yea she's going to have guilt for a long time id' bet. going over the past with a fine tooth comb as to what she could of done differently. Living that type of life can not be easy on a kid, than the kicker is she's being prepped to walk on stage and didn't answer the phone. bet she's thinking to herself could i of saved his life if i had taken that time to answer the phone. reminds me of farrah fawcett's son also, who had to be released from jail to say his last good bye's to his mother who was dying. another kid a mess who had a famous parent.

    sad stuff.
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