Marijuana Houses


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Here are some excerpts from an article that was in our Friday's paper. The pervasiveness of technology and human thought is so widespread in my humble opinion, that it makes our job as "just parents" even harder.

"Marijuana grow houses are becoming so prevalent in Florida that local law enforcement is calling on the state to create an intelligence repositary to combat the problem". "The days of mom and pop growing a couple pots of grass in their house is gone"...Florida has the second highest number of indoor marijuana growers behind California....the marijuana is typically grown hydroponically - that is using a nutrient solution instead of soil....Marijuana grown this way is as much as 200% more potent that if the drug were grown outdoors. Growers can harvest the drug in 3months as opposed to 6mo in the fields..This ain't your grandfather's or your father's marijuana..this will hurt you, this will addict you, this will kill you. ...a scheme in which New Jersey financiers allegedly offered people "relocation packages" featuring 100% financing for homes. The homes were converted into marijuana grow houses, which the homeowner agreed to operate for 2years."

No wonder we have such a problem.


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Geeze..... All I know is that there have been several of those houses busted here in Ca within the past few months. I'll tell ya its sad that people ( New Jersey financiers or Ca) go so far to make a buck even if it means people losing their life to the drug.


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Sunny. I had heard about this a while ago but was unaware that it had become so prevelant. Ironically for years my husband and I used to muse on how young people could afford such expensive homes and I would teasingly reply that they were selling drugs. I guess I wasn't too far from the mark afterall. So sad. -RM