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    ok so i found these funny little jokes, anyone else have one, please add on!! :)

    If Love is Blind and Marriage is an Institution, then Marriage is an Institution for the Blind


    Jill went to the bank and applied for a loan. "I want a loan, I'm going to divorce my husband."
    "Oh, we don't give loans for divorces" the manager says, "We make loans for appliances, automobiles, businesses, home improvements...."
    Jill interrupts and says, "Well, this is certainly a 'Home Improvement."

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    I was mad so i purposely went to Joke websites, lol. to try to lighten my mood and oh yes lighting my little candles..........ah love my candles. c you thought that was funny, right?? i laughed about the home improvement thing.
  4. Andy

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    I thought there was a coinsidence between your previous posts tonight and these jokes. They just didn't come out of the air!


    What scent are your candles? Probably not "Forget-Me-Not"? Maybe "Hope"?
  5. Jena

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    Spring Rain, on nights like tonite! I imagine myself alone somewhere far away, possibly an island with a frozen margarita. Hey, it works!! LOL

    Nites that im not being tortured by the ex i like apple cinnamon, makes it feel cozy like winter.