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I'm so sorry.

I seriously doubt you have anything to worry about from CPS.

What do you think triggered this behavior on the sd's part? Retaliation and/or coersion because of holding the line on placement? (Higly unethical and illegal.)

You're pretty savy on your child's educational rights so I doubt having an advocate would benefit much except as a witness at IEP meetings.

You might consider lining up an attorney in case they pull something like this again.

Write up the info on this CPS reporting, conversation with the investigator, etc; make notes about who said what and when and keep it in a safe place.

in my opinion, it would be difficult to prove one instance of this nature as retaliation or attempted coersion. But for potential future use, you certainly want to keep information that would evidence a pattern of behavior by the sd.

Hang in there.


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Thanks Sheila. The investigator seemed to become more and more "on my side" as the interview continued. When I was able to pull out my cell phone and give him both docs numbers immediately, when I was able to grab her prescription bottles and explain exactly what each pill did and the dosing schedule without reading it off the bottles, and best of all when I was able to give him her 4 As and 1 B+ progress report from 2 days ago, he didn't understand how they could say that she was suffering educationally with such great grades.

I called one of my close friends who is a corporate attorney and she said she's knows just the educational attorney I need to meet. I'm hope to talk with her prior to our next, repetitive IEP meeting in two weeks. I don't know if I will be able to pay for her to attend the meeting but just having her 'in my back pocket' if they continue to get nasty will be reassuring.

I'm much calmer now, just disgusted at the entire school system.


I think the SD is blowing smoke also, but it is very unethical and unprofessional to do these things and I can understand why you are upset.

I would not only write up the notes, I would send them as a Memo of conversation to the investigator....reports get delayed, etc. Keep it friendly since the investigator was positive; then as I just wrote in another post, unless the investigator corrects you in writing, your memo stands as uncontroverted evidence of what transpired. If you do this, I bet the investigator will use your memo to write the report. Send it CERTIFIED.

At a minimum, investigators do not have time to write their own Memos of conversation, so I bet you will not get a correction.

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