Martini & Rossi??

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    Back to this champagne question... See, my boss had a baby girl a few mos ago so he and his wife can't go out as often as they used to. I originally thought pink champagne would be a cute idea since they had a girl and they could celebrate the new year's, her arrival, and their 2nd year of marriage with it. Obviously, once I learned that it's considered cheap and tacky, I don't want to do that! (Apparently, at the period in my life when I was learning about MD20/20 & Boones Farm, champagne wasn't on my mind. LOL)

    Anyway, I was shopping today and went to an ABC store to pick up a 'good' champagne but apparently, they don't sell them in our ABC stores because they are sold with wine & beer in grocery stores in this state. So, I walked over to the grocery store and the absolute best they had in that store was Martini & Rossi.

    I need you ladies to be honest with me and tell me if this is considered a 'less than quality' gift, too. Really- it won't hurt my feelings. I'd get them a wine but have no idea if they like red or white or what. I have a plan 'B' for him if this champagne doesn't meet up to par, not involving alcohol at all. If I fall back to it, I'll drink the champagne someday myself.

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    I'm not a big champagne drinker but when I do I like Korbel Brut or Freixenet. I don't care for sweet champagne, but some do. You can find the Korbel for about $12-$15, depending which and where you buy. The Freixenet is less expensive but still considered a decent champagne. I don't care for the M&R because I've never had it where it wasn't sweet, but who knows? Good luck!
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    I think it's a very nice gift.
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    klmno, I'm sorry I was the (_._) that kicked off the NOOOOO to the pink champagne. I think Martini & Rossi would be a very nice gift.
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    This might be useful: Top 10 Inexpensive Champagnes and Wines -- Champagne and Sparkling Wine for Less Than $20

    Years ago I worked as a secretary at a bank and my main boss was really really into wines. One of the things he taught me about wine was that there is very little reason to buy an expensive bottle unless you want to impress someone with a label or price tag. I have since heard a lot of other people who really like wine say the same thing. I don't know your price range, but you should find something good on that list or at least in the $10-$25 range.

    If the wife has headaches, esp migraines, that you know of, a clear liquor would be a far better gift, except tequila. If you want to do something nice, get a bottle of light rum or vodka and a couple of vanilla beans. Let the beans soak for a week or two and it will be a nice liquor. If you need it faster, cut the bean open lengthwise and get all the seeds loose in the bottle.

    If they are coffee lovers, maybe some Baileys Irish Cream or even make some easy coffee liquer by taking half a pound of coffee beans and 16 oz rum or vodka (spiced rum is nice with this - adds more depth to the flavor). Put the beans and the booze in a container and let sit a week or however long you have, then strain and yum yum yum.

    You could also call a wine bar and ask the sommelier to recommend a good sparkling wine. Champagne comes from a specific area in France and all other bubbly wines are sparkling wine, even if they are made iwth the exact same grapes. Names of alcoholic drinks are funny that way. So you might find a good sparkling wine that would be a good gift. All I really know about champagne is that in college the black bottles of Freixinet were what everyone drank, mostly because you could write on it with a metallic marker and didn't really ahve to wrap it or buy a card. I ran with a cheap crowd then, lol.
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    thank you, all! It wasn't about cost- unless it exceeded, like $40. This grocery store had most champagnes on sale for about $6. The M&R cost about $14. I went to the ABC looking for something around $25-$30. Oh well- like I say, I have a plan B and just need opinions. As most know, my boss is a little nutty- and I haven't posted this before but his wife apparently only likes the biggest and best of everything. Example, they wanted a 3rd car and according to boss, it 'had' to be a Porsche. But ya know, I'm an employee who doesn't get paid that much...I'm not buying them a $75+ bottle of wine.
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    I like the idea of baileys irish cream and some of that butterscotch flavored liquor. They can make buttery nipples at home!
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    Asti, by M&R is my favorite sparkling wine and I've tried many. I enjoy the sweet side of it and enjoy with fresh berries.
    On the other hand since you say the wife is sort of a bit hoitey toitey sounding (I'm paraphrasing lol) I think I'd go with a liquor as someone else mentioned.
    This time of year they make beautiful boxed gifts with liquor. Even if you pick a small bottle, some come with gorgeous boxes that are fantastic looking and usually have a gift of some type. A snifter glass or chocolates etc.
    It might be easier to pick up one of those rather than trying to pick a special wine without knowing their personal tastes. Wine is so individual. At this time of year the Baileys or that type make a excellent choice. Or a pound of fresh gourmet coffee beans with the smallest liquor bottle and two inexpensive but elegant looking mugs. Could probably do that kind of gift for under $30 yet it would look elegant in a basket or something.
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    I'll have to think about this a couple of days- they are both very, well..'different' from typical people. Maybe I'll stick with a GC to a place I know they like- although that means they have to have child care in order to use it- and I really don't think I'm up to offering to watch their baby for them.
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    You are sweet, but it is a VERY hard to find GC that comes with babysitting, lol! Whatever you do, DO NOT babysit for them!! NOTHING good can come of that with this guy!