mattress protectors: all vinyl or "membrane" type?

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by recovering doormat, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. recovering doormat

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    I need to get a mattress cover (the kind that zips on) to keep the allergens from my 13 yr old asthmatic daughter.

    They sell cheap ones that are all vinyl and non-breathable, and others that are quite expensive that have a "membrane" that breathes but prevents the dust mites from getting in or out.

    any opinions on what is best? I'm also thinking of getting her an air purifier for her bedroom and have to start researching that.

  2. ScentofCedar

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    I think the vinyl pad might be really hot, Recovering. Maybe you could try washing the mattress pad she has now on a weekly basis, instead of buying one of the expensive ones?

    Have you noticed any connection between asthmatic episodes and diet? I found wheat, dairy, chocolate, caffeine, strawberries, bananas, and tomatoes to be responsible for most of my problems with asthma. (Even just a little bit of real butter will do it.) Peanut butter too, though I can eat pecans and walnuts. It's crazy! Can't eat popcorn anymore, either.

    I have also noticed a hormonal component to my sensitivities. Have you noticed anything like that with your daughter?

    When I have a bad spell with my asthma, I find that the generic form of Mucinex helps me very much.

    Another thing that doesn't make a bit of sense, but that has helped me very much, is to use Diet Coke when I am having trouble. (From the can only ~ otherwise, it doesn't seem to help.) A doctor told me once that perhaps I have low stomach acid, and that might be why the Coke works. They say two cans a day should not cause harm.

    Does daughter have a cat?

    That was another trigger for me. We still have our cat (and dog), but we don't let them sleep with us, anymore.

    Wishing well.