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    Just wanted to check in and see how things were and that you're ok.
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    Yes, please.
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    Thinking of you all and praying for your safety.
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    Thank you for asking after us!!

    We're all okay. easy child is gone to holiday to the other side of the country until July 20 with her bio dad and step mom. difficult child is respecting staying home and inside. He has gone to a friends several times but always picked up by car at the door, driven home to door, calls when arriving there, calls when heading home so we can watch for him etc.

    We ventured out to grocery shop the other night, quite late, at a all night grocery store. Today we had no choice, we need to do banking, I needed things at the pharmacy and we ALL needed to feel the summer sun and some fresh air! We locked the house, let someone know where we were going and how long we'd be. Stuck together and we watchful coming back to the street and into the house. Paranoid? Maybe. But this guy is a lunatic and I can't see any of us letting our guard down.

    So far its been a quiet couple of days. I'm a smoker and I have a place that sells cheap smokes (I'm native, a reserve nearby delivers from the reserve prices to native people off reserve at tax free prices). So my delivery gal brought a carton of smokes today and oddly she delivers to psycho too. She brought HIM up and had some creepy things to say, I filled her in the jist of whats going on around here. Other than her, we've tried to not talk much about this for a couple of days. It has helped us relax and get some good rest and sleep. From when this happened, we had stayed up with not one wink of sleep for 4 nights so much was happening constantly. That is NOT okay. So we are working to balance caution and safety with maintaining normalcy and not feeling too angry at feeling trapped in a our home like it's a prison. It's weird. It's like we're in some weird t.v. movie where people go into hiding. We feel hunted kinda.

    But I'm glad to say we're sleeping. We are laughing at our normal silly jokes. We're having movie marathons and playing board games to stay busy.

    Counting the days to eviction and his final move out date, then hoping a judge with some kahona's holds him without bail on charges. Not likely on the bail issue, I'd love to change the laws round here, but will never happen. But I'm holding hope until the day comes where a judge hears why we want bail denied. Maybe luck will find us.

    Thank you for asking once again. It's wonderful to feel thought of and supported. Its by far the worst week of our lives :( :(


    PS. S/O's eye is still scary as heck and I want to bawl looking him straight on, but some of his facial bruising etc is healing. I'm thankful for that small grace.
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    Glad to hear everyone is doing well even if you are "in hiding".

    I still can't believe that this guy isn't in jail. Even without the mental illness part, it just seems so bizarre that he could do such damage to a person and still be walking free. And with the mental health issues....even more bizarre. Gah...sorry..I don't mean to rehash things. It's just so unbelievable to me.

    Again though, glad you are all safe. Hugs!
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    It angers me too that people like this get bail. It is only our bail policies that allow this to happen. It is shocking the crimes that must be committed to prevent bail being ordered. At least I'd prefer a system like the US where a cash bond is set and you must commit a percentage. This at least keeps some from getting out, unable to pay a large amount in bond. I dont' know why our countries laws are the way they are, and I studied law as my post secondary education. It makes no rational sense :( :(

    It all centers on the doctor who could have acted. Now HE really angers me. :(

    But ... we are all safe as you say! Right now that seems a huge thing to be grateful for. I truly wonder how many angels my S/O had on his side. That first attack, this guy we are all fairly sure he thought S/O was more than just unconcious. If that's correct, this guy has more intentions, I truly believe that. I'm so grateful to have him sit across on the other sofa right now playing his guitar. It could have turned out so differently. I don't mind sharing the pics if anyone wants to see why I fear the guy believed him dead when he was unconcious the first time. I have my private messages open and have a web based non identifying email address.

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    Sending gentle hugs and prayers to/for all of you. Please try and check in often. Even just a "Hi, we are still ok." is fine. We just want to send the posse ASAP if needed. The laws for bail where you are are idiotic. But ours are very arbitrary.

    Have you gone to see the doctor to pressure him? Do you plan to? I would want to talk face to face with him to get reasons, and to let him know how I felt. Hoping they put him in jail for a very long time, and give his assets all to SO for punishment for this maniac.
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    I'm glad to hear that you are getting through this ok.

    Bail laws are different all over the US. Some States and Counties have bonds offices, others are cash if you have it, lots of released on recognizance. They often set low bail, then drop it after a few days or a week. Our jails and prisons are revolving doors.

    I'm hoping that your S/O will get assigned right away. That sounds like the best hope yet.