Maturity, Abilify or The Big Bang Theory?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by keista, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Yesterday, son gave me a .......... HUG. It wasn't a gift and it wasn't a Thank You. It was just a hug in an attempt to CONSOLE me! What alternate universe have I entered?????????

    Now, I'm 100% positive that maturity has a lot to do with this. Every year of his life he'd have some sort of lagging skill he struggled with, and then poof, like magic, he'd master it. (although it's usually around his birthday). Abilify also plays it's part in his social skills.


    I think watching The Big Bang Theory has done even more for him. He absolutely idolizes Sheldon Cooper. Probably because he totally identifies with him, and all his intellectual quirks are AWESOME! But at the same time this program more clearly shows him the great emotional/social divide that exists between Aspies and the rest of the world. Yes, Sheldon is intense, extreme and exaggerated, and son is mush more mild and subtle on the spectrum, but the issues are still the same. That extremity and exaggeration, I think, is what allows son to more easily recognise what's going "wrong" and then strive to take the correct action.

    So, wow. All hope is not lost.
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    Well, there's no "Like" on the GP forum, so...

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    As an engineer who got picked on a lot in school, Sheldon is my idol as well. I love that the show is written by people who really understand physics and science. I agree that it does a very good job of showing how Aspies struggle with the emotional/social issues. I think you are correct it probably is helping.
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    :bravo:difficult child! I'm guessing ALL 3 elements are important for him.
    And I love the big bang theory as well! husband, on th other hand, does not get it... He even had a light bulb go one while watching it with me: "hey, I know why you like it: you're like them!" LOL. Yes, in many ways I am and see then husband smiles just thinking about it.
    Positive role models are crucial to growing up, and when one is a bit different, one sometimes has to look into fiction characters. Sheldon is actually a good role model and usually always ends up doing the right thing for his friends (in his own way hahaha).
    Enjoy the success, one that nobody probably recognizes but means the world to you.
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    husband and difficult child 1 both love the Big Bang Theory. husband really relates to Sheldon. He says Sheldon gets to do all the things he wants to but can't.
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    Love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I like Big Bang, too...

    I think one of the big positives of the show is that the "misfits" are the "heroes". They don't fit in - and yet they are super COOL!
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    I wonder what it means that I dont like the Big Bang Theory? I have never figured out the draw. Tony and Billy love it. The show comes on and I head for my bedroom. Of course, we have 4 TV's in my house and no one seems to watch TV with anyone else anyway. Tony cant stand what I watch and vice versa.
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    LOL Janet. In my book I think that makes you "normal" I always wonder what "normal" ppl think of the show?

    Oh, and it didn't stop with that hug. He's been running the laundry too!
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    Awww, Keista, that is awesome! Your difficult child has good taste, too. I love Sheldon.
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    I haven't watched Big Bang Theory, but your comment reminds me of volunteering with disabled kids. There was this one autistic boy I bonded with quite a bit - he was nonverbal and in diapers, while I'm very mild Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) not otherwise specified, but I got the sense that he was a lot like me on the inside. And just like your husband with Sheldon, I found this boy did a lot of the things I wished I could do. For example in parachute games, he'd climb underneath the parachute and refuse to get out for the rest of the activity. I'd always wanted to do that as a kid!
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    husband had this on facebook. "Bazinga" (husband is sick right now. )