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    I am trying to cancel/switch to a new date my appointment for July 11th because that is the same date as my GI doctor appointment and I am not missing that GI appointment, I need it too badly. However, I also need to get my pain medications refilled this week. I have been calling my pain doctor's office since last Wednesday when I found out that the appointments were on the same day. They are arguing with me.

    The problem is that the doctor scheduled a procedure that I never actually agreed with him scheduling for me. I tried to object to them scheduling it last month but he had already left the office by the time I got up to the window to check out and make the appointment for July and they said that they couldnt change it. This place is strange. Now they wont schedule me just to see a doctor for pain medications or cancel my appointment without me talking to a nurse but I cant get through to the nurse even though I have left my name and number 4 times and their voicemail says they will return it within 24 hours, they dont. They also say I will have to pay a $100 fee for not doing the procedure but I have given them a whole week to schedule someone else in my slot so I dont think that is fair. AND 3 months ago they were supposed to do a laser procedure on my knees and I was there for 6 hours and the doctor never did the procedure even though I was there all day. He left early that day and he certainly didnt pay me because he cancelled on me!

    Now I know they cannot just put me out without giving me my medications. If they are going to keep playing these games though I may just have to find someone new who wont. I dont like being told that I cant question the doctor when I just walk out from the exam room if there is something on the form that I dont agree with. That should have been taken care of that day.
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    I'm wondering if you can cut out the middle man - call office A and then tell THAT office that THEY have a scheduling conflict with office B and give THEM the number to office B. THen call office B and tell them that THEY have a conflict with office A and give THEM the number to office B. See where I'm going with this? Eventually ONE of those nurses is going to go WHAT THE???? And call you and say - WE DON"T call the other office to "reschedule YOUR appointments - and when they do? YOU will have someone on the phone. Sometimes? Playing dumb is a great tool. And it just may be that you can say - I will expect to hear back from you by the end olf the day TODAY July 10, 2012 what you have resolved with my other doctors office - THANK YOU for your help.

    I dunno - Past that? Maybe you can call your insurance provider and tell them about the $100 charge imposed for NOT being ABLE to cancel and get THEM to call the office.........

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    Star has a good idea. I think I've used that one.

    Dig in your heels over paying for a procedure you didn't approve of as well. Threaten to turn them in to the govt for fraud if they try to charge you for a procedure you refused. Because that is what it is FRAUD.
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    Well I finally got through to a decent person at 10 minutes to 5 this afternoon who seemed to have no issue with just canceling the Wednesday appointment and getting me in a 4 pm tomorrow. I know they wont do any procedure on a tuesday afternoon because the doctor leaves by 2. I think he thinks he is special and just leaves all the PA's on duty when he is not there for procedures. I think I am going to change to one of his offices that doesnt do procedures or change to any pain doctor anyway. I think he is to quick to want to do these procedures and I havent met but one person who says they have helped. I want to see a neurosurgeon who will tell me that I need one before having it done. Right now I am losing weight and that might help. I plan on attempting to continue losing weight. I figure I have gotten this head start and am scared to death, might as well take the opportunity. I have lost the taste for a night time snack completely. I mean I hope one day I can start eating some good food but I dont want to eat like I was. Maybe the diabetic diet or glycemic diet.
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    Weight watchers is a good one, and you can sign up online and do it all online. easy child belongs to them and she says it's pretty darn easy. She doesn't buy the meals, but they have a system that is easy to follow and let's you eat a lot.
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    Janet... if you're looking at diets to try that will affect how you feel overall... try the ZONE. I think SusieStar was talking about that one too and some of the benefits. It's another diet where absolutely nothing is taboo... but there are rules, including portion sizes. We no longer follow it to the absolute letter, but after a couple of years on the zone diet, it changes how you think about meal planning and snacks and so on.
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    Well I wont know what I can eat until I see the doctor on wednesday afternoon if I even know then. I did manage to get in to see my pain doctor and saw a nice woman doctor who got me in and out so fast my head was spinning. It could have been I was coughing so bad they didnt want to infect the entire waiting

    This is just such a bad time for all this. Jamie got here last night with his entire family and I just cant barely get out of bed. Later this afternoon I have to go to the GI doctor. Who knows what they will say or do. I hope they dont send me into the hospital immediately for testing. That would just be horrible for seeing the kids but what can I do? Im hoping the GI doctor will have some tricks up his sleeve like knowing what it is from all my lab work. Maybe something simple like I have become gluten intolerant. I dont know. I just know now I have become completely nauseated and start having dry heaves because there is nothing in there. Its awful because I cant be around the kids because I scare them.