may help difficult child's who cant' control appetite

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  1. Jena

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    i found something not meaning to that curbs appetite. i read up on it online a few weeks ago, it's acai berry. it's a great antioxidant, and that's why i bought it.

    yet when took it after a week i noticed by appetite hand decreased tremendously. i actually stopped taking it because i was forgetting to eat due to difficult child appts. etc.

    so you guys would have to check it out with-your doctor first, it is all natural so i cant' see it harming. yet may be drug interactions..

    i remember someone posting a while ago about their difficult child eating thru their house due to medications and couldnt' find a way around it or to make it stop somewhat.
  2. HaoZi

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    Mine was eating house and home on the medication we took her off of last month. I've read up on the acai, and there's no real science to support it. She wouldn't eat it anyway, picky us. Anything that ends in "berry" with the exception of cranberry juice or strawberry Twizzlers is pretty much a no-go around here for either of us.
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    We LOVE acai bowls -- a blend of the berries and apple juice, topped with-granola and fresh fruit. I don't know about appetite control, but they taste GREAT! Here's a link: We buy the smoothie packs and make our own.
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    it is in pill form, you can buy it at the store. it's all natural and a great antioxidant. so no taste for picky kids like ours :) just a thought
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  5. HaoZi

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    Surprisingly, she likes green tea with jasmine and lemon. Her preference is sweet (not sugar-sweetened here) iced tea that I make from brewed or cold brew tea, and she also loves most dark chocolates (also full of antioxidants and phytonutrients.... and calories, oy).
    I did take your recommendation on the magnesium, and I think it's helping both of us. :)