Maybe I got thru to husband

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  1. Shari

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    Just maybe.

    He went fishing yesterday. I stayed home with difficult child 2. I worked LITERALLY all day cleaning, mostly the porch, which is largely husband's junk and mess.

    Finished up today. Got up at 8, ate breakfast and started in.

    difficult child has been on spring break and has been entertained all week. he was having a hard time adjusting to "play alone" this morning. He ended up going back to bed about 9, just laying there watching cartoons. This is SO not typical difficult child.

    At 11:45, husband's western ended and he got up and decided to help. He went straight to difficult child's room, shut off the tv, told him to get up and come clean the living room, and left.

    And you know what that did to difficult child. Meltodwn city. He actually handled it fairly ok, he stayed in his bed and cried himself to sleep.

    husband then picked up the 3 hot wheels he got in his easter basket, the easter basket, and difficult child's guitar, and threw them (literally) into difficult child's room. He then took the lego ships difficult child got for his birthday Friday and hid them. He picked up his own clothes only in the bedroom and went outside.

    When difficult child woke up, I suggested we pick up his room, which he did, then he also vaccuumed. Then he wanted to play with his lego ships, and couldn't find them. I didn't know husband had hid them til then, but I was furious.

    I marched to the back pasture and I let loose. He told me where they were, and I went back to the house and got them.

    He followed me to the house and asked "what?"

    What??? What??!!!??!!! You don't know what??? I spent how much money last year being told to MODEL BEHAVIOR and this is what you model??? Sit on your :censored2: while I work, then when you decide to do something, drag difficult child into it like THAT??? Want him to shut off the tv when he asks you to get a glass down for him??? That what you want???

    You get the gist how it went from there.

    He didn't defend himself beyond saying parenting difficult child was hard. I said yes, it is. It *****.

    We then actually had a somewhat productive conversation at the end of which he apologized.

    So we will see.
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    I hope it did get through. I have had so many nights like that with my ex (a land-mass with feet!) It's a rotten feeling to be doing everything on your own. What the H*** are they there for anyway. I smartened up and exchanged him for a model that works (literally!) It cleans up after itslef, it goes to work, it cooks, it's amazing! I hope the model you have can endure an upgrade sounds like it would be good for both of you! Sorry you had the hassel!! As I always say, I just happen to get lucky and the outdated model finally dropped dead on his own (literally) I have one more ex floating around there somwhere and I have my hope!!! Good luck and stay strong!
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    I'm tellin' you girl - A longe line and a crop.........(((((whip snap sound))))
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    Oooh, been there done that! I like your style better, though.
    Poor difficult child. While I hate walking on eggshells, I can clearly see it from difficult child's point of view.
    Let's hope this is the beginning of better relationships and better housecleaning!