Maybe now I can decompress


Good Sunday morning all,

I want to thank everyone for your encouragement and support during difficult child's disastrous stay at home over these past few weeks. I've felt like the cartoon cat clinging to the ceiling for dear life.

I have updated my signature with difficult child's new slew of diagnoses. We are still going to have her further evaluated because her issues are so spread out and pervasive. The psychiatrist, based on the assessments conducted to date, does not believe that difficult child meets the criteria for Bipolar, Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), or CD.

We have started the ball rolling for getting guardianship of her after she turns 18 - as of now, my mother in law is planning to be her guardian.

Right now difficult child is attending a wilderness therapy program - husband took her there this last Friday. We chose this route to give us time without her in our hair in order to carefully choose her next placement (which we want to be long-term) and also give her the message that her recent behaviors have been completely unacceptable.

I am making a point to be kind and gentle with myself as I come down from the intense stress of having difficult child here and all the BS that she managed to squeeze into the short time she was here. These past 2 nights I've had the most bizarre dreams, and even though I don't remember them, somehow in my sleep I recognized that it is my system decompressing.

I'm off to take a long shower and get ready to go have a few mimosas at Sunday brunch!


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Thanks for the update Greenrene. I am very happy to hear that your difficult child is away now and will soon be in a long term placement. Even though the last few weeks have been harrowing, it seems it was necessary for all to see the scope of difficult child's issues so that the long term placement and guardianship could be dealt with. Ultimately, this seems to be what needed to happen for her and for you.

I'm glad you can decompress now, be kind to yourself and get back to your 'normal' life. You hung in there all through this process, doing your very best for difficult child and now it's finally out of your hands and taken care of. You did a really good job, you did everything you could take care of yourself and your 3 little boys. Good job!

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Thanks for the update. Sounds like you have a good game plan in place. Glad you have some time to relax.

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I like it that you are able to name the issues, and to be very clear that they are difficult child issues, and that your role here is to behave with honor, and with compassion for the forever problematic difficult child. I am sorry this is happening. You sound stronger, more focused on caring for yourself as this situation comes to its conclusion.

It is so important that we do care for ourselves as we go through what our difficult children present.

Wishing well, greenrene.

Can't believe your baby is sixteen months, already! I loved that getting to be a person stage.



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I am so glad you are finding a way forward for you and for her. Please keep us updated and let us know how we can continue to support you.

You are in our prayers.


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How wonderful that mother in law is going to take guardianship. That really gives you a break and assures that stepdaughter will continue to get the help she needs as an adult.

Keep having fun! You earned it :)