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    So husband saw psychiatrist today, they are starting therapy. psychiatrist has tried so many medications with husband, so many bad side effects pop up. The medications that helped the most were the ap's and they give him tardive dyskinesia.

    psychiatrist is filling out the referral paperwork to send him to the Mayo Clinic for treatment resistant bipolar I. He wants husband's pain doctor to sign off on it too for the pain that seems to be impossible to control. Maybe even will get pcp to sign it too.

    He will be going to the mayo in Minnesota, psychiatrist said that is the one he would go to, so husband wants to go there. I have no idea on time frame, since the paperwork process is just starting I am guessing it will be awhile.

    I have no idea how I am going to pay to get there, psychiatrist said that the Mayo clinic will help pt's with travel expenses sometimes, but not always family members. I would have to pay my way, maybe husband's way or part of it, and find places for the kids to be. I have no idea how I am going to accomplish all this, but I will find a way.

    I am glad that maybe something is finally going to give, and maybe we will find something that will help husband. This has been so long in coming.
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    You will find a way to get there. My stepsister went to a specialist for her daughter (autistic, celiac) and they were able to finally diagnosis her with mitochondrial disease. They were able to get their trip mostly paid for as well. Now with the proper treatments and supports in place, this little girl (now 7) is thriving. She has a feeding tube but you would never know it. I'm the only one she talks to because she tells her mom, I'm nice. We never thought she'd talk. This is good news, CM. I will have you and your family in my prayers.
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    Wonderful news for husband! And yes, I've no doubt you will find a way. I hope this will be the solution to more effective treatment for your husband. Maybe some fundraising yard sales or something?? You'll be in my prayers.

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    Excellent news!
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    I have thought of several ways to pay for it. A friend has offered to do fundraising once things are more for sure, I could borrow money to pay off the loan on my retirement fund, take another loan and pay off what is borrowed and I would have plenty to pay for the trip. I will look into other options too. I think the first thing I need to do is to get husband to file for SSI.