Me vs. the dealership.. I won!!!

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    I have a 2006 Saturn that I purchased in 2007. Ever since I bought the car, there has been an issue with the driver's side seat cushion. Three is a clip that keeps it in place that is constantly separating from the seat frame and makes the seat cushion slide out of place, to the point that it can be lifted off the seat frame.

    I have had this repaired more times than I can count. I'm at the dealership today getting an oil change, and asked them yet again to fix it. Well this time, it can not be fixed as the clip will no longer fasten to the frame. They quote me $390.00:surprise: for a new seat cushion. I looked at him and politely said that was not going to work for me, and what could I do about it. He said I had call to the Saturn Customer Care 1-800 number. So I did, and they said they could not do anything because of the mileage on the car. To which I responded if they could come up with a logical explanation how the mileage on the car had anything to do with the functioning of the seat, I would be more than happy to listen. At which point, they knew and I knew they couldn't, so they put me on hold again. They came back and said they would be willing to meet me 1/2 way and pay 50%. I said thank you for the offer but that it was not going to work for me because the seat has been an issue since I bought the car,and last had it repaired not even 4 months ago, so technically it was still under the warranty from that repair. And I told them the following:

    * In 8 years we have bought 3 cars there
    * All of the service for both of cars (they are both Saturns) is done at the dealership.
    * In the last year alone, we have spent $1000 on tires for the 2 cars at the dealership.
    * I was on my way to pick up my husband's car to bring it back to the dealership to have his alignment done

    I concluded saying that if I was not the walking poster child for Saturn loyalty, I do not know who could be. I also told them that:

    * The seat has been and continues to be a well documented issue (totalling 8 repairs in 18 months)
    * It took 7 additional visits to the dealership to re do the financing paperwork on the car because either someone forgot something or someone did something that they were not supposed to.
    * There was another issue with a sensor that took 5 visits and 2 tows to take care of. And that if still kept coming back after all that, I should be made an honorary employee because I knew just as much as the employees did by that time. (the battle with my sarcastic tendencies was lost at this point LOL). They put me back on hold for about 5 mins and came back and said that they would replace at no cost to me this one time, and that it would be covered by the 12,000 mile or 12 month warranty. I said thank you that I could not ask for more than that.

    Brought husband's car to the dealership and while working on his alignment, scheduled the appointment to have seat replaced next week when it comes in. I told the service manager that if this had been something that I caused, or something that I had not brought it in for before, I would have paid for it. But for the simple fact that it was very well documented ongoing issue, I felt I was in the right to expect the dealership to do what was right.
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    YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BRAVO -

    Impressive negotiation skills.....

    *I thought* when Saturn came out as the New Kid on the Block - there was a commercial about a man in Alaska with a bad seat in his Saturn. The commercial showed FedX hopper plane flying him a seat. The narrator said something about their customer service was above the norm.

    I guess they've forgotten that scenario.

    I didn't.
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    Great job! :D

    I have to say maybe you should start looking at Japanese cars. I have my first Toyota. I had a Honda for 5 months until someone decided to take the front end off of it. I NEVER had to take either of those cars into the shop for anything but regular maintenance.

    EVERY American car I have had has had all kinds of stupid defects. Sensor problems, engine, transmission. Don't get me started. I refuse to buy American now.

    Maybe someday they will catch on that they need to make a well made car and get their head off the numbers they think they are making by repairing their crappy cars.
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    Go girl go! Yeah!!!!

    I won against the dealership once. I was 22 years old with a brand new vehicle. The transmission went out less than 25,000 miles. I had taken it to a local small repair shop and received this phone call, "Um, Mam, umm, we figured out what was wrong with your car. Um, we don't know how to fix it, but Mam, we are sending someone to school tonight so if we could keep your vehicle overnight?" I just about burst with laughter. What? You want to go to school tonight to learn how to fix my car? Umm, No thank you, I will pick up my car.

    I then took it to a dealership of my make car. Received a estimate to which I replied, "This should be under warranty." "Well, Mam, that warranty is only for the car's 1st owner." I had to call their district office to get them to acknowledge that I was the first owner of the car and this would not cost me a dime.