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    So Duckie had rehearsal this evening and the choreographer pulled the kids to work on their dance numbers. The choreographer is, to put it nicely, a complete diva. And it's apparent she doesn't like children very much.

    So she pulled the kids down a flight of stairs to practice in a foyer (stage was being used by the director). I waited a minute or two and followed behind, sitting myself at the top of the stairs so I wouldn't be a distraction (I like to watch so I can give Duckie pointers when she practices at home).

    She was very rude and condescending toward two of the children within about a two minute span (not Duckie, but it still made me very angry). So I quietly sneaked down to the bottom step while she was demonstrating the dance. The look on the woman's face was priceless when she turned around to see me there.

    I spoke (quietly) to the other parents. The choreographer will now always have one of us present. I'm sure she knows I heard the whole thing by the cold look I had on my face and by the very kind and attentive attitude she quickly adopted.

    Grr. :mad:
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    YOU SO ROCK TM!!!!!!!! :you_go_girl:

    Yes.......a dancerella diva - teaching children how old WHERE? and being condescending? "OH I'm so sorry I didn't realize this was the NYC school of ballet foyer." ......I'd have to go to WM and buy her a bicycle handle bar rubber thingy with a note that said "FIGURED YOU LOST YOURS HERE HAVE OURS" .....GET.A.GRIP.
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    Thanks, Star. The worst part about this is that she was the star of the last production this group put on and all but two of the kids in this show were also in that show. They idolize her! And all they want to do is their best for her. She really doesn't deserve it.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Maybe each parent should "TAPE" the rehersals so that they can video share the practices and work on their childs performances. ;)
  5. tiredmommy

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    I'm actually considering that, lol! :rofl:
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    You rock, TM.
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    Way To Go TM !!!

    Love the videotape suggestion too!
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    It's nice to know that all of the parents agree with you and the kids will now always have someone present to watch over how this diva treats them.

    Good job, Mom!!

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    Thanks everyone. I spoke with the director today, I didn't do it last night since I didn't want to disrupt the rehearsal, He thanked me for handling it discreetly and said he would be recommending that she no longer be utilized when she would be responsible for working directly with the kids. He had realized that she wasn't particularly good with kids, he knew she was capable of being snotty with the other adults but hadn't thought she would be nasty with the kids. He apologized (though it wasn't his fault) and he will give the kids a little team building speech and make sure they know how much he appreciates their hard work and dedication. He's really concerned that the choreographer's attitude may have truly hurt the feelings of at least one the girls that were singled out for her venom and that the episode could color the entire group of child actors' view of the theatre.
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    Clearly, she doesn't like her job very much. I love Star's description....dancerella diva (LOL)
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    good for you. we went thru same thing with-step daughter's rehearsals' nasty nasty witch also and screaming at them! i was like are you kidding me?? HMMM
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    What a great solution! The chairperson of our Board of Christian Education at church would like to have two adults in each classroom. He is very active in Boy Scouting and knows to set up things like this to protect everyone from a variety of possibilities from an angry adult to a classroom that would benefit from the help of another adult to keep the kids focused.

    I also would like to report that my rant and rave about an incident one Sunday morning regarding refreshments will be taken to the Council. The incident happened over one month ago but I received a call just last night from a concerned dad who heard about it via a child's report to a parent. I told him he has my blessings and that I have always felt that our congregation do not uphold or treat our kids with respect and now are suffering the conscequence of dwindling number of young families. After the comment that the serving lady made in front of the kids going through the line, the kids don't feel welcomed. It has always been an underlining atmosphere but she put it into words and I am very mad. I told the dad that the reason I am so involved in Sunday School is to try to make an environment where the kids feel welcomed and cherished. He is going to take the situation to the council. I am hoping for an outcome of combined refreashments but the ladies do not want to serve the children.