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  1. klmno

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    Does medicaid pay for psychiatric Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? Would this vary from state to state?
  2. Hound dog

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    It might vary. But you ought to be able to call them and ask.

    Our medicaid is thru private co's.........and in my opinion it's worse. But Nichole can always call when she has questions.
  3. Marcie Mac

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    Here I believe medi cal/medi cade (I always get confused between the two) pays for half and the school district pays for half.

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    When my daughter was in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), the state paid for some and the SD paid for some. And by the state I mean Social Services. I don't think it was actually Medicaid. She did get Medicaid once she was in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) though.
  5. klmno

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    thank you! I'm applying for medicaid for difficult child, although it might be a long shot. They say they have to do a screening. Does anyone know what that involves? What happens if the kid isn't at home?
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    I think medicaid will go wherever he is to screen. The various state children's medicaid programs (Soonercare here in OK) pay for various things. One of the girls I knew in college married a dentist. he started a business treating ONLY children with Soonercare and now has offices throughout the state and is doing amazingly well.

    when Wiz was in the psychiatric hospital for 4 months I paid NOTHING. The school paid part of it and Soonercare covered the rest. This was a lock-down facility with psychiatrist and tdocs and nurses and orderlies, etc..... I think it is similar to some RTCs. I would think medicaid would pay.

    Hope this answer was helpful. I think they screen for age/your income/pretty basic stuff. Here they have applications ALL OVER town, even in the library lobbies. We had Soonercare while husband was in grad school and we lived with my parents. I must say I was impressed that it covered a LOT and we had no copays on anything.
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    Klmno, I am in the process of applying for SSI for difficult child. The advocate at her Residential Treatment Center (RTC) told me to apply when she was in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) :no income. Medicaid goes along with it which will cover Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I did it over the phone and local rep will call me Tuesday. Get all medical documentation and the routing number of where the money will go. You do not need to give any income for you as child has noo "inocome" in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). It is SSI NOT SSDI. SS will contact the medical documantation sources. Compassion
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    Thanks, compassion- I'm so confused about all this. Someone from DSS told me last month that my son would not qualify for SSI- but that's when he was still home. I had already applied for mediacid for him and at first they said he wouldn't qualify, but now they are willing to do the screening. If I could get medicaid for him without SSI and medicaid would pay for Residential Treatment Center (RTC), then in home help after Residential Treatment Center (RTC), I'd be more than happy and would prefer to leave the SSI out.
  9. Marcie Mac

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    Klmno, have you called your local congressman/senator about the run arounds you have been going thru?

    With SO, they had been denying him medi cal for two years - I must have used up part of a good rainforest somewhere with the papers I kept copying over and over and over again only to have them lose them, and he was denied over and over despite the doctor(s) writing letters to them. I don't know what part of "terminal" they didn't understand, but I thought one day to call the congressman- we explained to him, gave him the papers, and behinds started moving at incredible speed and within two weeks he got it. Just something to keep in mind..

  10. klmno

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    No- I had thought I was supposed to be contacting the US representative for my area, and I can't stand him. Then, this week, someone told me to contact my local representative/state senator. I'll put that on my list- I have a couple of things I need to express to them. Thanks for the reminder!!
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    Kids get medicaid and SSI when they are placed out of the home for over a certain number of days...I cant remember if it is 60 or 90. Thats when it becomes almost automatic. At this point you want to apply for both. Medicaid for the disabled and SSI. They go hand and hand. You may get approved for one before the other. You will always have medicaid if you have SSI but you can have medicaid without SSI. Actually, I could probably access the regs someplace and if you pm;ed me your monthly income I could tell you if you are eligible for either regular medicaid or SSI when he gets home. When he is out of the home, your income doesnt count...only his income counts and I doubt he has an income.
  12. klmno

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    Thanks, Janet- I'll check into both. As far as income- difficult child doesn't have any but if he did, it would all be going to pay restitution. Mine- well, it was zero for 2 months. Now, it will vary for an undetermined amount of time because as I'm able to get back to work and clear up things standing in the way of working 40 hrs/week, the place I work doesn't have enough to keep me busy 40 hrs/week, so we are kind of taking it a week at a time. IOW, I don't know what it will be- it will vary until something settles/gives in one direction or another. I'm not so worried about difficult child qualifying after he comes home though.

    A big issue right now is if the legal authorities agree that difficult child going to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is an acceptable punishment and route for him, the question of who/what agency will pay for it could undo the entire option. But, if difficult child was on medicaid and medicaid paid (difficult child will have a psychiatrist's recommendation for it), then it's all the easier for the legal authorities to accept this option.

    Given that I was "the victim" in this case, the CA's office gives consideration to what I'd like to see as difficult child's punishment, so it will be much easier to get them to agree than it has been in the past when difficult child broke a law "out in the community".
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    Does that apply if they are in detention?