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    I caught part of a news story on tv a couple of days ago about medical info online. It showed that there was a way for ANYONE to go online and find out what medication appts a person had and what the appointment was for. I saw this on cnn, Friday, I think. Did anyone else see this? I don't know if it was only referring to one particular medical group or insurance co that might have been putting their patients' appointment records on line or not, but all a person needed was a name and ss# to access the info. The news anchor even pointed out that if she'd seen a psychiatrist, it would have shown up.
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    Wow. That would be a mega HIPPA violation. Which is most likely why it was reported on cnn. I didn't see it though, I avoid the news.
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    That cant be true for just the average joe. Maybe someone who can hack can get access by hacking into insurance company records but then hackers can get just about anything.
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    Thanks for sharing. That article contains good information and points to consider about medication records being available online.