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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DaisyFace, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. DaisyFace

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    Hoping I can get some answers here on a problem that's really been bothering me....

    OK - here goes:

    As I get to "that time" every month, it's normal for me to be a little bloated/retain water...and by "a little", I mean my pants feel tight around the waist and I can see that my belly is a little bigger than normal.

    The last few months, it's been getting worse.

    I reasoned that perhaps I've put on a little I've tried to cut back on my calories.

    Now this month - one day I am wearing my skinny jeans....and 24 hours later I look like I'm in my second trimester! I am NOT exaggerating! I would have needed an extra few sizes in my largest, loosest jeans to even button them comfortably

    It's not digestive - I'm not constipated or having any gas. And it doesn't seem to be extra calories. It's clearly hormonally-related.

    So I'm wondering...

    Is this a "try these simple home rememdies to cut down on the bloating" type of situation?

    or is this a "o my word something is waaayyy wrong and you need to get to a doctor ASAP" situation

    or somewhere in between?

    (And if you do have any tips, I'd appreciate them....)
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911


    Sorry you are hurting. It sounds to me like you should get in touch with a doctor right away. That much bloating could be nothing or it could mean something really serious. I do know that I have a problem daily with water retention and I'm on a high-powered diuretic. When I went in the first thing doctors told me was fibroids - not belly swellying, but leg and foot (r) swelling, mostly and my entire body. That time of the month was intollerable.

    Ended up after testing? I just have water retention. I changed my diet, lost a lot of weight and I still - swell without the medications. They have no reason for it, but it's something that I believe you should get checked out for your own safety asap. I can also tell you that the OTC diuretics? Are junk. Ask any pharmacist worth their salt. There isn't enough medication in any of them to help you.

    Hugs -Feel Well Soon
  3. rlsnights

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    I second star's advice. Call your ob/gyn today while you are still bloated so she can hopefully see you when you still have signs of something going on. It could be "nothing" or really serious stuff. Best to be cautious in my book.

    Best wishes,

  4. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not

    Well shoot---

    I was hoping it was nothing to worry about and could "fix" it with something simple....

    I'll make an appointment and have things checked.

  5. Lothlorien

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    Make the appointment, but it's probably nothing. Our bodies change as we get older. I get night sweats really bad. I take Vitex for a few weeks and it goes away for a few months and then comes back. Try watching your sodium too. I notice the night sweats really kick into overdrive when I eat french fries or too much salt that day.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Whats a french fry? (groan)
  7. Jena

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    i have the exact same thing. went to dr while back paid a fortune he ran my blood only to find out i'm one hormonally challenged woman!! i gain literally 6 to 7 pounds around that time. it's our bodies changing.

    what i do is i avoid salt, which is hard around that time of mos i want to put an salt block to lick in my room :)
    i stay away from chocolate
    and i drink a ton of water!! often with-lemon in it. a good vitamin from natural food store geared to helping the hormonal inbalances we experience can help alot also. thing is if it's medical it usually doesn't swell up than swell down all surrounding that time of the mos. yet i might be on safe side also. just to get a check out make sure no fibroids, etc. all that fun junk!!!

    good luck beinga woman is just sooo great at times right?? NOT :)
  8. Hound dog

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    I'd have it checked. It's always good to have something out of the ordinary that way checked out just to be certain nothing else is going on. Keeps you from being horribly surprised later and possibly kicking yourself for not having done it.

    Probably? It's not really anything. You may just for whatever reason be retaining more water than usual. Might be diet related...not talking calories....more salt in the foods you're eating especially around that time.

    This one day can wear skinny jeans and the next day appearing to be pregnant I've been doing forever.........only I look about 9 months gone instead of 3. ugh And has nothing to do with the monthly thing as I haven't done that in 3 yrs or so. Mine is renal failure.....and the reason I have to keep several sizes of clothing available because I never have a clue what I'll fit into. Today? I look about 8 months and my rings are digging into my fingers. I haven't so much as looked at salt in any form in more than a week. ugh

    I'm not implying you have going on anything like I've got going on. Just sort of showing you the same thing can be caused by something else. In nursing school they never think to teach you patients in chronic renal failure tend to "bloat" or retain water in the stomach before anywhere else. (I used to think I was a bit off my nut or someone was playing a huge joke on me switching out my clothes)

    Star I'm right there with ya.........different reasons but I can't eat them either ugh