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Does anyone have any idea what could cause a hard lump on the left side of the upper abdomen while vomiting? I have some kind of bug I guess, and it is miserable. Worse is that if there is food to vomit, I get a very strange lump on the upper left abdomen. It is about the size of a small woman's fist, and it feels like it is rolling or twisting. Pressure on it helps keep it from hurting as bad, but I seriously thought my stomach was twisting itself. It is up almost under the ribcage on the left side right up at the bottom of the sternum.

I have been checked for gallstones several times and don't have them. I have had a long history of GI problems from recurrent unexplained nausea to medication induced ulcers and nausea to IBS. I have a history of Mallory Weiss tears, which are small tears where the esophagus meets the stomach and usually are caused by vomiting. I have had 4 of these since I was 18. I also have scarring in my upper esophagus from two spinal surgeries done from the front. There is scar tissue in that area that can make swallowing less than fun at times if it gets irritated. Of course vomiting irritates it.

The problems started 2 weeks ago with a cold. Not fun, but just a cold. Then a lot of drainage hung on and I cough a bit and get phlegm from my lungs. On Sunday I started having some tummy cramps, but my IBS hates colds and it didn't seem lke a big deal. Late Mon night I started vomiting and the knot appeared. I would have gone to the ER but couldn't leave the toilet as I had started having diarrhea.

I was sick through the night, and then slept a few hours and woke up feeling fine. I ate very carefully, (crackers ginger ale and plain rice) and was okay on Tues. Then on Wed am I woke with a migraine. Then vomiting started again. I don't have anything left to vomit and my other end is going again. Dry heaves, small amt of liquid and nothing else came up. The knot isn't there but the area is still painful. I can feel it trying to form when I am sick but it seems to need more in my stomach to form.

ANY ideas what this could be? Thanks. It was pain like I had not had in a very long time.


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I was getting ready to say hernia as well! My friend just got one. It could have been caused by the constant coughing. That kind of pressure can cause tears and even muscle pulls.


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Ugh. It never occurred to me that a hernia could be that high up. This is almost under my breast. My kids had hernias but they were all down in the belly button area or below. I have called my doctor and will get it checked out. I really don't need another surgical problem. Oh, well, nobody asked me, did they?

Thanks ladies. I figured one of you would have some idea of what it could be.

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Nichole's hernia is located that high up. It is uncommon, but it does happen.

Glad you're getting it checked out.