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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    Well I was going to post a question to you all about when do I call the rehab and find out how my son is doing? He has been there since Friday and I have been really wondering how he is doing... figuring no news is good news... but still anxious and wanting information. Yet this is his journey so I have been trying to step back.

    Well I got the call today that he has been medically cleared and is moving out of the detox and moving to the next phase, the residential part of the program. So phew. Apparently he is doing well... and is medically cleared. Apparently the detox process went smoothly and he is being sociable with the rest of the folks. I tried to get more info about exactly his condition was physically both when he came in and now... and didn't get a lot of detail. So I don't know exactly what he was on or how they detoxed him... apparently they did use a "medical taper" which I guess are some medications to ease the transition. Whatever all that means. Anyway the good news is he is now medically cleared and can go on to really looking at his drug use and issues.

    I am very glad they called... and they gave me the number of the "family coordinator" so of course I immediately called and left her a message.

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    That's great TL!! PROGRESS!

    I have a family member in detox now. He has multiple injuries from years ago and the docs allowed him to get on too much pain medication. They are tapering him off with some drugs. He's been there two days and so far, he's grouchy but not much else. He was on 3 opiates, 1 pain patch pf some type, sleep medications, anti-depressants and xanax. I could strangle those docs.
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    I asked whether he was admitting he had a drug problem? She said in the detox phase they don't do a lot of work on that, it is really so they can rest and get stronger..... so now he is in a place where hopefully he will start doing some real work on himself. I am hoping he physically feels better and notices that!!!!
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    Great news TL. I never found out much about difficult child's detox either but she said it went smooth(of course we know about addicts lips moving). I do know they gave her trazodone and something to help her sleep but that's all I know. I know a lot of the people in detox with her had a lot harder time because of the kinds of drugs they were on, heroin and benzos among the worst. She was in detox 5 days and they said that was good for the amount of alcohol she was drinking.

    I'm so glad he's moving onto the next phase. This is the hopeful time, when he gets to take a look at his life and how he got there and what part drugs played. You probably won't hear much from him and that's ok. They told us at difficult child's treatment center that in the beginning they don't encourage them to stay in contact with family that much, they want them totally absorbed in what they are doing in treatment. They also told us that when they did contact us we should keep it upbeat and light, no heavy conversation and if they start complaining to tell them they can do it and you are proud of them period.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him and hope he really moves forward in this program.

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    so glad for you to know he is doing alright. I pray he does well in this next phase. Keep us in the loop :D
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    That's great news, TL. Hopefully, your difficult child will be thinking more clearly now and can start making progress toward recovery.

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    Glad he is safe and I hope & prayer this is the start of a sober life

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    TL, I am so relieved for you......and hopeful too. Hugs. DDD
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    If he was doing any kind of opiates rehabs do a medication taper with suboxone. It usually lasts 3-5 days. Also they give catapress for anxiety and blood pressure and sleeping medications if needed.