Medication and parenting

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    I recommend following blog , not only for parents but all the sections.

    here is a blog article which talks about medication and parenting

    One Pediatrician's Perspective


    The Boston Globe ran an editorial piece his past week from a pediatrician in New England that caught our eye and the eye of some parents like you with challenging kids. While the article approaches understanding behavioral difficulties from the perspective of a psychological theory called 'attachment theory,' many of the insights and tenets it raises are consistent with a Collaborative Problem Solving perspective: Being a parent of a challenging kid can be a very isolating, frustrating and embarrassing experience. Recognizing that challenging behavior is not simply the result of poor parenting is a crucial first step. This paradigm shift can have powerful results on it's own. The best approach involves joining your child by empathizing and then working together.

    The article also takes aim at some of the problems that can be caused by labeling kids with diagnoses that lead quickly to medication. We would certainly agree that doing a careful assessment of what factors are contributing to your child's difficulties is crucial before intervening in any way. Medication can be a lifesaver when used appropriately, but kids can also be given powerful medicine for problems that medicine doesn't solve. Check out the article for yourself online here.

    I hope this helps
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    Thanks Allan, I put Dr. Greene's website in my favorites some time ago. It is very helpful. I have currently started reading the explosive child, and found that some of the suggestions he gives I already do, but many others I need to work on.

    Interesting article, thank you.
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    Crazymama, it is great that you didn't need to make a paradigm shift to move from a doing to , to a working with approach. I am crazy about any approach that focuses on kids and of course parents thinking and improving relationship.The litmus test is whether we become more connected and the kid is involved in thinking ( not what is gong to happen to me ) but solving problems , reflecting on how his actions impact on others . To this end and also as a great companion to the explosive child are books by Myrna Shure , Alfie Kohn , and for younger kids- Payful Parenting etc I don't spend much time on forums anymore.