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    Does anyone know what a fee-for-service plan is? I'm used to having an HMO (and now- nothing), so what is the difference and is one better for patient cost or available providers? The fee-for-service costs more.
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    Fee for service means no "network". They pay x for y, period, regardless of who provides y. No referrals needed, no primary MD like in HMOs. *Much* better in terms of finding providers because there is no preferred list. The plan we were on worked just like the PPO - $so-much for deductible, then 80/20 split until we paid $whatever the amt was out of pocket, then they paid 100%. Only difference was we had totally free choice of providers.

    Not sure about psychiatric services because we were on a PPO by the time we needed them, but with- my oldest's needs, we always went with the fee for service plans when they were available. More expensive but well worth it when you have complex medical needs.

    You should be able to compare psychiatric benefits between the various plans offered to see if there are any limitations (30-day inpatient max per year, etc).