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Hello everyone! I have a question about a medication called Clondine (spelling) My 5 year old is currently not on any medication for his ADHD, and I had read on another website that Clondine can be used in ADHD cases and it could be taking during the day (I have always heard it was used at night to help a child sleep) I was just wondering if any of ya'll had tried it during the day and how did it work, and suggestions would be greatly accepted. He goes back to the doctor next friday.. My son has been on ( with little or no effects) Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta and giedon. Thanks!!! Tammy


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We have tried and are currently on Clonidine. Although a lot of people do not see much benefit as far as increasing attention on Clonidine, it can help with the hyperactivity that leads to raging and impulsiveness. You can give it anytime during the day - but it does cause drowsiness. Once your child gets used to it, the drowsiness decreased. My son takes .1 in the AM and .2 at night.

Good luck