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  1. I posted a couple weeks back that my son had started Strattera. I wanted to post an update letting you all know how things are going.

    The first day he took it, he took it in the morning, then feel asleep from 12:30pm-2pm, 5:30-7pm and for the night at 10:15pm. The second day he was up at 7am to take medications, and ended up taking a nap from 3:15-5pm. I was worried about that so I called his prescribing doctor, and he thought that it could also have been his allergy medications, and to give it a rest for a day then start again. So we did, and ever since, there have been no falling alseep issues other than at bedtime.

    His behavior overall has gotten better, but he still does have a few bad days while at school. He does seem calmer than before, even with the bad days at school and occasionally at home.

    I am so glad that I decided to fight to get him on something to calm him down. I pray that I continue to have good results with this medication.
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    That is good news. I am glad you are so comfortable with this medication. Many people go through several medications before they find what is right for their kid(s).
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    That's great news! The falling asleep may need to work with the doctor to do some tweaking but once you get the right dosage and his body adjusts....he should be fine.