medications are not working, i think.....

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    aarg! i don't think difficult child's medications are working very well anymore. he had to go off them due to a health scare. now he is back on them and has been for a few weeks but they either aren't working like they were before or he enjoyed being psychotic when he was off his medications and decided to try and keep that going. today he was aweful. first, i took him out in public and he somehow bent his arm behind his back into his pants, under himself and stuck his fingers out his fly and told some ladies to check out his p$%*s. :slap: then i told him that's enough we are going home and he screamed all the way home making claims that i'm hurting him and i pinched him, ect. so that people look at me horribly and think i'm picking on this poor innocent little being. :grrr: at home he kept telling me and his dad that he hates us, i send him to his room and he starts yelling about how he's going to cut my head off as soon as he's big enough to get a knife(which we keep locked up) now my 4yo is running around yelling P#n$S!! and thinks it's funny.....:rollingpin: i also saw his teacher out and about today and she told me he'd been doing a yelling thing, of which he does many so i asked her to clarify and apparently he has been going right to any random adult and screaming at the top of his lungs, inches from their face and then laughing and running away. he has also been doing alot of his 'i want it','i don't want it' things and yelling at me that he hates his (random object) and he wants me take it and there is no right response because if you ignore it or tell him it's okay or to get rid of it himself he'll keep screaming and yelling about it but if you dare try to help him by moving it or removing it you will be attacked. the other day he asked if he could go in the pool. it's a baby pool, has like 5" of water. he hops into the pool, sits down and starts freaking out about being wet. it took twenty minutes for him to stop crying about being wet. like, hello, you are gonna get wet in the pool. now, he is probably 100x better than he was off his medications but i'm really not feeling this new way of being. i am tired, and i am embarassed. i am not looking forward to being stuck with him all summer. we are moving in 2 weeks, i will phone the doctor on mon and see if she can fit him in otherwise we will be stuck with him like this until he gets in to see the new psychiatrist, which could be as much as 6 months
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    I can understand that you are SO tired!!! Hope the dr can help you VERY soon?!

    I don't know your story because I'm new here, but what I was thinking is that I also get upset with sexual gestures, but what I came to realize is that the little ones doesn't put a sexual conotation to it....that made it less intens for me causing less of upset within me...Now I will just say (matter of fact).....agh that's not so cool rather do that in your room or bathroom...take his hand or get his body active doing something else, like carrying heavy bag in the shop for you...telling him how strong he is....(I know when you are tired or embarres you don't feel like doing all this! :) )

    The other thing that I was thinking of regarding the crying is that he might have big SI issues going on? Maybe it wasn't just that he got wet that made him cry but the sudden difference in temperature? (Tactile sensitive?) Also wanting something then not wanting it could be because he doesn't know how to verbalize his needs propely? I see that with my little one...going through some options and outcomes sometimes helps for me?

    Good luck for the day ahead! I still sound positive because we all just woke up and DS is still sleeping! LOL