medications for both hi BiPolar (BP) AND anger


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Hi guys,

I need your input. My son was put on Clonidine about 4 months ago for both very high blood pressure, and for his anger. Well, yay for us, this combo only proved effective for 3 months. Now, his BiPolar (BP) is high again, despite increasing the Clonidine - and his outbursts have increased.

The tricky part is that this is being treated by a cardiologist because of the high BiPolar (BP) - but the medication is also helping mental issues (of course psychiatrist is in the loop). So we meet with the cardiologist Monday to probably change medications for BiPolar (BP) - but I want to have a list of medications that I could suggest that would help would also have the duel effect of helping with the anger mgmt.

Any advice on what other medications are out there?


My son takes the blood pressure medication Propranolol for migraines. It is also prescribed for anxiety (stage fright, specifically). Propranolol (brand name Inderal) has had no negative effect on his mood; he's been taking it for 4 years.


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My youngest is on Captopril.

He has congenital heart disease. Tricuspid Atresia, Detransposition of the Great Vessels, Atrial and Ventricular Septal Defect.

I don't know that this will or won't help things. But I do know, back when he was having issues with his own ADHD problems, and was becoming slightly aggressive, I asked our cardio about changing to the Tenex or Clonodine, and he was adamant not to.

We've had good luck with this with him. Keep in mind, he's not Bipolar ~ although he is ADHD, Combined, and has had some issues in the past with getting a little nasty lol. But nothing recent.


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Thanks guys..........I will suggest both medications.

Sara......interesting!!!! I have asked psychiatrist about paxil and she said NO - it does not cause hi BiPolar (BP). UGH! I am so sick of docs patting me on the head, even when I intuitively know there is a problem with the medication. Where would I find that info to "help the docs understand" about paxil?

To be fair, he had hi-BiPolar (BP) before paxil - but it was under control with the clonidine - and when we started paxil it got higher again. He obviously is very sensitive.

Any other medication suggestions out there?

Sara PA

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I learned about this when a friend's mother was put on Paxil because she had a nasty co-worker who upset the mom. Next thing the mom was being treated for high blood pressure though she never had blood pressure problems before. A quick check of the prescribing information solved the puzzle -- hypertension is a "frequent" (1/100 in clinical studies*) adverse reaction to Paxil. And 20 mg is within the dosage recommendations for adults; it isn't a low dose. (There is no recommended dose for children because it isn't approved for use by children.)

The doctor only has to check the prescribing information.

*A person with existing hypertension likely would not be accepted as a subject for a clinical trial. It is essentially unknown how it effects people with existing hypertension. There are post-marketing reports of hypertension but post-marketing events are notoriously under-reported.