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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by enzo, Nov 16, 2012.

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    so..difficult child is doing "ok-ish". Getting by with C- average thanks to the tutors, inclusion classes, and resource room..

    We want to restart an ADHD medication, and looking for any anecdotal experience when adding these to a current mix of lexapro and risperdal.

    We have licensed p-docs, etc. thanks

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    Enzo, for awhile we were able to utilize the ADHD medications following the brain surgery. It made ALL the difference in his was like a light bulb was turned on in a brain that was mostly dark. on the other hand as an addict he opted to quit the medications once he was home in recovery. I know that many of the rehab centers see all stimulants as a potential problem. I can not "feel" what he feels. I still often wish he would take a Concerta to help his focus. He (now fully an adult) tells me it is better he doesn't take any pills. It's perplexing. I wish you well, DDD
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    I have taken Adderall because I have ADHD and it felt like speed. I would know - I used speed as a teen.

    My difficult child moved on from her prescribed medicine of Adderall to meth.

    That is not to say that happens to everyone. There is an addict gene in my family.

    My son has opted not to use medications and we stand by his choice. He in turn has been getting great grades in HS and it shows us the medications are not needed for him. Personally, I will never go down that road again and I cannot recommend using stimulants because of my personal experience.

    But this is a personal decision, only you know your child well enough to determine whether they are really and truly needed or not...
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    If you're concerned about the addictiveness of stims, there are non-stimulant ADHD medications. Strattera is one, there may be others. These are not "as" effective, and have to build up in the system. But they can provide a 24/7 baseline that helps with the overall picture.

    I'm not familiar with Lexapro.
    Risperidone and the stims are used together, as are Risperidone and Strattera, or all three.
    The appetite-increasing side effect of Risperidone is sometimes offset by the appetite-suppressing effect of the stims.