medications Working or Mania??

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At first I worried Nichole was taking a nose dive into mania. Now I'm not so sure. The past maybe 3 weeks is the first time she's been taking her medications without forgetting to take a single dose. She picked up one of those weekly medication bins for her pills so she'd know when she forgot. (because sometimes she wouldn't take them because she wasn't sure if she already had)

Nichole has been very careful about her medications since that last big blowout with boyfriend.

I'm finding it a bit hard to believe what I'm seeing is indeed mania if there have been no medication issues.

About 3 wks ago Nichole adopted a puppy from out shelter. (Day before the blowout with boyfriend) Yes, I know...AGAIN. easy child was perturbed that I didn't stick to "no" at the time. We'd been out yard saleing, easy child had wanted Nichole to do something for her, but Nichole wouldn't til easy child stopped in to look at the puppies at the shelter. (I knew what was coming but easy child wouldn't listen to me) Not only did easy child stop at the shelter, but the stupid girl told Nichole she'd pay the 50 bucks for the puppy if I didn't mind. That's when my No's stopped. Honestly, I wanted to wring easy child's neck. I stopped objecting because I knew the war that would consume the next at least 6 mos. (And knowing Nichole, I knew once again the responsibility of the tiny pup on top of the baby and school would be too much and she'd eventually come to her senses.)

I mention this because I think it was her last manic behavior. And now 3 wks later she's come to her senses and wants to find the darling lil boxer mix a good home. Go figure. :slap:

Since the major blowout with boyfriend (that I know about) Nichole has been spending most of her time here or with her best friend N. N is the friend who's baby was still born awhile back. Saturday N went with Nichole to get a tattoo over a scar on her wrist of a star. Nichole neglected to show or tell boyfriend about the tat.

Sunday boyfriend tagged along on our shopping trip with easy child to the outlet mall. This is the longest amt of time she's spent with him at once for a long time. Shocker was it didn't trigger a fight. (if Nichole was manic there most certainly would have been)

Monday Nichole actually CAME HOME from boyfriend's to go to dinner with the family because he didn't want to go. Then when he didn't seem in a rush to bring the baby home after, she went with her friend while she got her deceased infant's name ect tattooed onto her shoulder. When boyfriend still was in no hurry to bring the baby home, I ran her over to his house. She told boyfriend she got the tat of the star that day. (but it was sat) When she came home I asked about his reaction. She said he didn't care. I didn't believe her. boyfriend blew a gasket when she got the tattoo to cover the scars on her leg. He still goes on about it. :rolleyes: She was at boyfriend's house a total of maybe an hour on Monday.

Tuesday friend N comes over and they have plans to go over to N's brothers house so the baby's can swim together in the wading pool. N's neice is the same age as Aubrey. boyfriend stops by after his classes to pick up Nichole. He seemed stunned when I told him where she was and unsure of what he should do, then mumbled something and left, obviously NOT happy. Hours later Nichole calls and wants me to pick them all up and drop them off at the tat place. I tell her I'll pick her up and bring her home. Then she's says ok she'll get the stroller and they'll walk to the tat place from our house. I squashed that idea, no way was she walking the baby in 106 heat index! :slap: So she relents and says she'll call easy child for a ride when she gets home. easy child didn't want to go, she had to study. She goes to boyfriend's. Next thing I know she's back home again without the baby and asking for me to take her to the tat place. boyfriend was once again watching the baby. I said no way. I had to go get groceries for mother in law. So she calls another friend who takes her.

Nichole walks in the door as soon as I get home. She got a shooting star affect added to the simple star. (she drew her own design) And friend paid for her to get her eyebrow pierced for a belated birthday present! :faint: And Nichole is all excited. She'd taken some of her drawings to show the artist at the tat place per his request. (she'd also designed the tat on her leg of a flower) He has offered her an apprenticeship! :smile: Nichole is thrilled. I shuddered even as she told me. I ask her who is going to watch the baby while she does this? (not me) She says if boyfriend won't then maybe his neighbor will. I said nope. If she's working boyfriend can watch her. Based on if she can work, go to school, and care for the baby so can he. When she started to defend him I told her to knock it off. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. (he's constantly throwing it up to her because she doesn't work)

I then run her over to boyfriend's house since the baby is there. I stop at my friend cuz she lives nearby to visit. I'm not there a half hour and Nichole comes in with the baby. Since she's in a good mood I don't worry. We visit til the baby is ready for bed and come home. Nichole uses the computer to pm boyfriend. Next thing I know there on the phone and another blowout is underway. I notice that even though she's crying, she's doing alot of telling him off. I caught snippets of him pushing her to do things, spend time with her friend's, working, but when she does he's not happy about it either..... But I didn't hear much.

Then the REAL shocker.....

When she hung up, she didn't call him back. She didn't ask me to take her to his house. She just went to bed.

Now I know with the tats and the piercing it might sound like mania. But she's always loved tattoo's from way back when I introduced her to henna ink tattooing to help curb the urge to cut. Nichole does seem to have her normal energy level and her interests back. But her other telltale signs of mania I'm not seeing. She's always ruthless with her brother. (usually first giveaway) Major drama with boyfriend. (not til tonight, no real drama, I'd say a fairly normal falling out) Her moods are definately NOT swinging. She seems happy and content overall, despite boyfriend's objections to her actually doing what he's been nonstop hounding her to do.

So I can't tell if the medications are just working the way they should because she's not forgetting doses or what. But I'm not getting that sick feeling in my gut that makes me sit up and take notice.

Hmmm, I wonder if maybe she's just finally realized that even when she does exactly what boyfriend wants her to do, he still finds a reason to start a fight? These last 2 I know he started because she was in a good mood both times til she talked to him.

As for the doesn't thrill me, however I've spoken to reliable sources who tell me the people she would be working with are good people. (makes me feel a bit better) The piercing of the eyebrow.....I reminded her that she has metal allergies, odds are high it will get infected, and even if it manages to heal if she doesn't keep the stud in it, it will close quickly. (all trouble she's had in the past) The tats themselves don't bother me. They're mild, attractive, and I can't blame her much from wanting to cover the horrible scars she has from her cutting/burning days.

Anyone in my area want to give a good home to a 9 wk old black and white boxer mix (may be purebred) puppy who is very smart, lovable, and eager to please??

Sorry this turned out so long.



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I'm sorry about the puppy, Lisa. It happens so often that innocent animals get adopted by people who don't really think things through. Isn't she obligated to take it back to the shelter if she doesn't keep it? The shelters around here make you sign that you will do that if it doesn't work out. (no idea if they really check)Better to return it now when it's still young, than later when it won't be as cute or adoptable.

I don't know what to say about her other behaviors other than, if it's quieter around your house, enjoy it! :smile:

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Wow, I can't even adopt a puppy here in NJ from the shelter without bringing in my other dog to make sure they "fit". Also they ask the ages of all of your children, wether you are home all day, where they eat and sleep, if they will be inside dogs. They want a vet reference...and she can just walk in and get dogs. LOL

I would say she sounds like medications working. Seems more level headed. So glad she isn't letting boyfriend get to her, and calling him back, etc. Maybe just maybe you are lucking out and things are petering out with boyfriend...we will keep our fingers crossed for that one.

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Our shelter only very recently got smart enough to actually charge a fee to adopt a puppy. (we live in a very rural backward type place)

Puppy has a very good home with another family who have 2 other female boxers. We recieved an email today letting us know she is settling in fine and seems to really be enjoying herself there. :thumb:

Makes me feel good she's getting the attention she needs and deserves.