Meeting at School - 504/IEP

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    Meeting at School - 504/IEP
    Went to the meeting at my son's school this morning with my friend (acting as our advocate). They were expecting my son to be there, but nobody informed me that my son should be there. He stayed home today (still recovering from foot injury during PE). I would have brought him along if they had told me he should be there .... Another goof up from the school personnel ...

    The meeting was long, about 2 1/2 hours. Present: myself, friend (our advocate), school psychologist, school nurse, Resource Specialist, and Learning Director.

    The Resource Specialist was basically in charge of the meeting, did most of the talking and decision making. We spent most of the time going over the existing 504 Plan, going over my list of notes (everyone had a copy), addressing most of the points on my list, and making revisions to my son's already existing 504 Plan.

    We now have a watered-down 504 Plan, with fewer items checked off. The Resource Specialist wants to experiment and see what works best, so he said that we need to start off with fewer items on the 504 Plan.

    We hashed out a lot of ideas ... I think (?) we are making some progress, but only time will tell ... Some important items were added to my son's 504 Plan:

    -- provide copy of notes to be copied/transcribed
    -- Homework Club (Tuesday and Thursday)
    -- teacher will initial homework assignment notebook
    -- cueing to stay on task
    -- time-away pass
    -- inservice teachers (after new school year begins in August)

    I really wanted to add a few more things, but the Resource Specialist was very firm on not doing that.
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    After discussing the 504 Plan .... The Resource Specialist brought up the issue of an IEP. He and the School Psychologist tried to persuade me against pursuing an evaluation.

    I was told by a Special Education teacher (many years experience with Special Education and seems to be up-to-date with the laws regarding Special Education) that they (the people at my son's school) would try to get me to change my mind ....

    The Resource Specialist told me that an IEP would label my son, and the School Psychologist told me that an IEP would hinder my son's higher-level education (high school and college).

    They continued to try and get me to change my mind, but I insisted that they follow through with the evaluation.

    I brought up the law regarding the 60-days time limit to finish the evaluation and implementation of an IEP ... They told me that the 60 days will not start until we sign the papers at the meeting on August 19th. I've been reading through the laws regarding the 60 days time limit, and it seems that the 60 days really begins from the day that I delivered the letter(s) to the school, which was Monday, May 12, 2010 (not counting the days that the school is closed for the summer; summer school not counting).

    I was told by a Special Education teacher that if you deliver the letter requesting an evaluation when there are only 5 days before the end of the school year, then the 60 days starts on the first day of the new school year.

    I delivered the letter requesting an evaluation 12 days before the end of the school year, and so those 12 days should be applied to the 60-day time limit. School is not officially over until Friday, June 4th, 2010. Friday is a work day for the teachers and supposedly counts towards the 60 days.

    I brought this legal issue up at the end of the meeting, but the Resource Specialist insisted that I was wrong, and that the 60 days does not start until we sign the papers on the day of our next meeting on August 19th, 2010.

    Does anyone know the law and have experience with this issue regarding the 60-days time limit to finish the evaluation and implement the IEP?
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    I can't believe this ... !!! I just started going over the papers I received today at the meeting. The Staff Meeting Notes lists five areas:

    1) Strengths
    2) Concerns
    3) Questions
    4) Actions
    5) Person Responsible
    6) Follow-Up Comments

    There is no mention of my son's problem with ADHD ... !!! How could this have been overlooked by so many professionals, including myself ... !!!

    I can't believe this ... !!! Is this simply an honest mistake? Or are they trying to avoid this issue of ADHD ... ??? I sent an e-mail to the principal and school psychologist.

    Just got a call from the school psychologist. She will add ADHD in the appropriate box.
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    Run... don't walk to your library and get everything you can get your hands on about special education. The best and I mean THE best thing you can do for your child is to educate yourself as to your (and your childs) rights.

    After reading your posts about the 60 days, you are incorrect and the school is incorrect. The 60 day clock starts when you sign the authorization for evaluations/testing. But the school is putting you off by saying that paperwork will be at the meeting in August. I would ask for (in writing) for the consent for testing form(s).... the date on the form "sets the clock" so to speak.

    Then get on the web and research and research. Become very familiar with your child's school district web site... you would be suprised at the information you can find.

    And bookmark this site... This is a GREAT web site about special education.

    As a fellow Californian (northern), I can tell you the school will do everything in their power not to provide your child with any services. So you must know your rights!! If you feel the school is incorrect, ask them to cite (in writing) the regs so you can understand.

    Also, communicate (outside meetings) only in writing. If you are asking for something, do it in writing. If you have a conversation, follow it up with a "per our conversation" summary letter.

    Other posters will add more info I'm sure. Just remember... Knowledge is power!!!
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    Section 1414 of IDEA basically states that either a parent of a child or a public agency may initiate a request for an initial evaluation to determine if the child has a disability. There is a 60-day timeline to complete the initial evaluation after receiving parental consent - unless the state has an established timeframe. In other words, your request for the initial evaluation does not start the 60 days, your signed consent does. Ask for the forms and sign them now. You should have received a copy of your state's regulations at the meeting (that is required by law). Find out if your state has another timeline.

    If you want to read the actual Section and all it's components, either check out the site or just google Section 1414 IDEA.

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    Hi, My experience is that schools really do not like to provide services for ADHD because so many kids have that diagnosis. Our school psychologist even admitted that to me in a moment of honesty.

    Has your son had an outside evaluation by a neuropsychologist? That can be very helpful, especially when the school seems inclined to deny services. We even took our neuropsychologist to the IEP meeting with us (very expensive, but worth it).

    Does your son have any specific learning disabilities? Has he been tested? A neuropsychologist can do this.

    I recommend the book "Nolo's IEP Guide: Learning Disabilities." It is an easy guide to the IEP process and your rights. I'll PM you about an organization to contact in CA.

    Good luck.
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    The school has not given me any information on Special Education, 504 Plans, or IEPs!!! Absolutely nothing, nada ... I have asked in person several times for any forms or information. The Resource Specialist told me at the meeting yesterday that I would receive the necessary paperwork at our meeting to begin the evaluation for my son on August 19th (first week of the new school year).

    The Resource Specialist told me there is nothing they can do now because it is the end of the school year and everyone will be on vacation.

    I requested the paperwork on May 24th, when I submitted my request for evaluation in writing. They told me that I would receive all of the necessary paperwork at the first meeting (June 2nd). The only papers the school has given me is notes from my son's teachers, and our revised (watered-down) 504 Plan!